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Saitaomei is 5 months

Herrow, I am a big girl today, I managed to survive 5 months under my mummy’s clumsy care. Ooh do I look too serious in this photo?

Any better?

How about this? 笑眯眯, until no eyes to see.

Everyone says that I have small eyes, not that small ok!

Mummy says I am cute and cuddly like a koala, but I like to lick and suck my hands like a kitten.


Indulgent buffet lunch at the hyped up Epicurean. My first time at the new Crown hotel, I liked the interior a lot, very opulent and bright.

Lots of desserts on display, range is better than Atrium but I prefer the taste of Hyatt desserts. The tiramisu was pretty good, strong coffee kick.

When I saw this cone selection I knew Saitaoha would be in icecream heaven.

So much topping! But Saitaoha got a plain strawberry cone which she loved. We had to take it away from her because it got pretty messy, distracted her with cheese and crackers. She also eats goji berries as a snack.

Posing with her beloved icecream cone.

Meanwhile I had the Tasmanian oysters which were err on the small side.

Fancy cakes, the red one was a lychee and coconut cake.

My plate of cakes, they were ok.

Chocolate fountain which the kids loved to dip their marshmallows in. Saitaoha hates marshmallows though hahaha, good one less sugary item to rot her teeth.

The cousins ❤️.

You would think after a buffet we would be too stuffed for dinner.

Instead …

The Tuesday deal is back! I couldn’t cook dinner because Ms Mak Jiu Kim Kim has learned that we will carry her if she keeps crying. So when R came home I gave him a choice of KFC or Domino’s 😅, guess which one he chose?

To lessen my guilt, I added a dish of stir fried greens. Mind you I had to cook the dish with the kid in my arms !

Ok going to attempt to put her down in the cot now, wish me luck !

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