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Happy birthday

To my dearest sister (my kids’ beloved yee yee) and bil

Thank you for your infinite kindness, generosity and love. May your birthdays signal that the worst is over and bring you the best of luck, an abundance of happiness and good health. Happy birthday 🎉!


It was terrible birthday weather today, raining cats and dogs. The rain didn’t hamper us from going out to celebrate Jo and HC’s birthdays. In truly Tspellstrouble fashion, we celebrated by eating local food, her favourite chicken rice at Hoi Bo.

Chicken rice is such a good meal for our family because adults and kids all love it. I really should get R to cook it more often for the family, I guess I could cook it myself too. But it’s always nicer when someone else cooks for you.

Saitaomei is the mei mei of the cousins so she’s the most patted and loved one. Here she is being patted and caressed by her sister and cousins.

Ow!! being the most popular one comes with disadvantages too, like being poked in the eye by an affectionate jeje 😅.

Hello chubby cheeks.

After lunch we went for a stroll at the shopping centre. There was a Mister Men colouring booth so LG and Saitaoha had a go.

Saitaoha was overdue for a nap and getting cranky. LG whisked her away and there was no sound, I turned the corner to see them both enjoying a cookie. Sunday afternoons should always be about cookies and ice chocolates. I wanted to indulge in a beverage too but Saitaomei started getting cranky so zoomed off home we did. Both kiddos fell asleep in the car and miraculously continued sleeping when we transferred them onto their beds. I even joined them for an hour’s nap! I should jot down that this morning R took Saitaoha from me so I could sleep in for another hour. Bliss. A good sleeping day is when you can actually get a nap in the day let alone a sleep in!!

R volunteered to cook chicken abalone mee sua for the family birthday dinner. I was famished so finished all my soup even though I normally don’t like mee sua.

Guess who enjoyed the birthday cake the most ?

We spotted double rainbows after the storm, I took it as a sure sign that there will only be rainbows, unicorns and pots of gold for my sister and BIL following their birthdays.

I hope you guys had a lovely birthday, it was fun celebrating it with you.

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