Behind every cloud

It was a lazy Friday today, it was nice nua-ing in bed as long as possible after a late night with both bubs. Even better that R was home, he doesn’t have to work tomorrow so we get a long weekend together, how nice.

I put a headband on Saitaomei but Mah mah says it’s doesn’t suit her because she looks like a boy!

Oops headband became nightshade.

R looked at her and said ‘Arrrr…someone became a pirate!’

Happy to be out finally. She was getting cabin fever. Sleepy girl… I told R she will probably sleep in class when she grows up 😓. She missed her nap again and ended up napping at 6pm! So it’s now midnight and she’s still awake 😓😓😓.

Brought LG and Saitaoha to the playground. The only problem with the playground is how sandy Saitaoha gets afterwards.

I couldn’t resist buying this extra spicy Maggi mee kari, totally sucked in by the lebih pedas lagi syok tagline.

Guess what we had for dinner? It was good! I might buy a few packs to send to my brother, he says that he has Maggi whenever he feels homesick.

I’ve been such a stress head since the second child that I feel like I’m constantly under a fog. Today, the cloud suddenly lifted and I just felt weightless. I don’t know why I felt that way but for a while I felt so contented and happy to have my kids and family with me. I wish I felt that way all the time. If only the clouds could stay away forever…

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