School holidays

I wish WordPress had stickers like Dayre because I need a confetti throwing πŸŽ‰ cat right now, Saitaoha has recovered! Her appetite is back to normal and all errr bodily functions are back to normal too. Hooray!

It’s school holidays so my mum is looking after LG during the day. It’s great for Saitaoha because she loves her jeje’s company. Here they are drawing together.

My sister baked a quiche which I had for brunch with a kopi, it had asparagus, onions and bacon, very delicious.

In return I made a lasagna which the kids and my parents will be having for lunch tomorrow.

Oh hai, anyone miss me? This one is getting demanding, insists on being carried and walked around, Mah Mah’s arms are breaking.

Hehe so cute together. I’m hoping to bring the kids to the playground tomorrow, all kids invited, Tspellstrouble want to come ?

Simple dinner tonight of ah Ma’s veg tomyum soup, honey pork with brocolli, η•ͺθŒ„η‚’θ›‹.

Hope the kid sleeps early tonight!

1 Response to “School holidays”

  1. 1 iloveicecream April 16, 2018 at 10:39 pm

    So glad to hear that she is well!! Yay!!
    How do you even bake while looking after your kids?
    When I first had Qe, I basically imprisoned myself at home, don’t even dare to go out and get lunch for myself! Had to get my Mum or husband to buy for me. And the coffee shop is just downstairs to boot!
    Looking back, I was such a loser…
    So, you are actually awesome in my eyes!

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