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Oh what a day

This evening I asked R

Do you think it’s worse cleaning up poo or cleaning up vomit?

It was a legitimate question because that’s what we’ve been doing for the past few days! Saitaoha is over the vomiting phase but she now has diarrhoea. Poor girl had the runs at 3 in the morning and tried to tell her father who was snoring away (I was in the other room with Saitaomei). His kid radar is so low compared to mine, but he finally woke up at her cries and saw her crouched on her bed with her butt in the air. Too late for the potty so she had a bath at 4am. Luckily I was woken up by her crying so I could help with the poo cleanup.

We were so shagged by the continuous cleaning and bathing and changing that I contemplated staying home instead of heading into the city as planned. But I told myself ‘you must not chain yourself at home just because it’s hard to handle two kids outside.’ Famous last words. Saitaoha had a meltdown at the restaurant because she was tired (and probably not feeling well), Saitaomei was also cranky because she couldn’t sleep in the Tula. In the end I left R in the restaurant, strapped Saitaoha in the stroller and pushed the stroller up and down the street till both kids fell asleep. Returned to the restaurant and celebrated with an iced milk coffee (normally I never order drinks coz kiam). I finished all my lunch of pork chop broken rice because I was famished having missed breakfast with all the prep to go out. No pictures because this mummy was so hungry 😋.

Fed the little one in David Jones’s parents room. I managed to buy the one thing I headed out into the city for! Window shopping is a thing of the past, I now shop with a mission and am very decisive 😅.

Changed Saitaomei because she spit up on her pretty dress. Such a pity because I wanted to take twinning photos of the sisters.

Best shot of their twinning dress. Notice that Saitaoha has her hand possessively over the box of biscuits? She’s eating so poorly because of the illness, for a few days she was only drinking milk, honey and water. But tonight she had some salmon, corn and broccoli, I hope this is a good sign. She’s been drinking quite frequently too so at least she’s hydrated.

Combing my hair and probably frowning at the mess haha. I could get used to this hairdressing service.

So serious that face 😂.

She discovered that I was taking her picture and flashed me a smile 😍.

This little one is back in her grandparents’ loving care. I will miss her but I’m also relieved because it’s actually very difficult to juggle two kids when one is constantly having the runs.

I’m exhausted, couldn’t even muster the effort to cook a proper dinner. R had leftover noodles, I had cereal, only Saitaoha had a proper cooked meal.

Hopefully it won’t be too bad tonight and Saitaoha fully recovers soon 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻.

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