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Both kids are napping so I had the luxury of sitting outdoors by myself.

I admired ah pa’s latest addition in the garden, I do like lavender plants, they smell so nice and are pretty to look at too.

It’s a beautiful day today in Perth. Glorious blue sky, the sun is out but there’s a lovely breeze. There are signs that winter is on its way, the nights are turning chilly, we’ve taken out the kids’ winter clothing and ah pa has rustled up the portable heater. When he came home from the shops and found out that Saitaoha was napping in the room, he immediately went to check whether the heater was on. ‘Good mummy, switched on heater’ he beamed at me. My ah pa ah…

A few weeks back, I carried a Saitaoha who was in the throes of a tantrum out of their house. A split second earlier ah pa was scolding her angrily. He almost never yells or scolds her so you can only imagine how bad Saitaoha’s meltdown was. Something in me snapped and I just dragged the kid out the door, much to my parents’ horror.

Many weeks later, through a heated conversation with ah ma, I realised that they thought I was angry with ah pa for scolding Saitaoha and therefore stormed out of the house. They couldn’t be further from the truth. I left because I didn’t want Saitaoha’s tantrum to upset them more, I hate seeing my parents get frustrated, tired or quibble because of my kids. It makes me feel so guilty because I feel that they should be enjoying their retirement pottering around the garden or sipping tea, not dealing with terrible two tantrums or two hourly feeds.

Ok I feel better now after this wordy purge. It’s so nice listening to birds chirping and the trees swaying in the wind. I only wish my brother was still here so he could enjoy thee afternoon breeze with me. The house is entirely too quiet without him.

Same cardigan, different babies.

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