Babysitting the kids

The day didn’t start out well. I think Saitaoha and I both got out from the wrong side of the bed because we were both so grouchy!

Saitaoha finally had her overdue haircut. The hairdresser bribed her with promises of a lollipop so she was an angel throughout the haircut.

Plans to cook dinner for the whole family were scrapped because they forgot about a Japanese degustation dinner tonight that they had booked for a while back.

So I had all the kids tonight and experienced what it’s like to have four kids ranging from 6 to 4.5 months haha. No lah it wasn’t too bad, I had help from HC earlier in the night, then R came over after his seminar ended.

The older kids played well together! No quarrelling, good sharing and lots of pretend play. Saitaoha tried to join in now and then and they tolerated her haha.

Eating ice lollies, the older kids were good and only ate half, guess who had the entire popsicle? The one stuffing her mouth in the picture πŸ˜….

Hai…. too small to eat ice cream, life sucks as a baby.

So while most of the family were feasting on yummy Japanese delicacies, we had …

Chicken rice for dinner! I was always going to cook chicken rice for the family and decided to go ahead since the kids like chicken rice too. Also cooked ah ma’s homemade tofu and mushrooms. The two men, HC and R, and the kids cleared all the dishes!

Most πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“ moment of the evening:

LG: (comes running to me while I’m changing Saitaomei’s nappy) Daitaoha yee yee!! Saitaoha left chocolate handprints on Mah Mah’s sofa!!

I rush out to the living room, yep, my fault for leaving Saitaoha unsupervised with a chocolate biscuit, there were two very visible small handprints on the sofa! Grrrr…. I stripped off the covers and washed them.

Couldn’t help laughing when LG told me solemnly ‘This is very serious!! I think you’d better not give Saitaoha chocolate biscuits till she’s older’.

I sent R home with Saitaoha close to her bedtime and stayed at ah ma’s with LG and Saitaomei. LG and I had lots of fun chatting and laughing at Peppa pig cartoons. My niece is so grown up now, I felt sad that I haven’t had much time to spend with her ever since the arrival of my kids. Even though it was a bit tiring, I am glad I could babysit the kids because it meant a well deserved night out for my parents and sisters and I managed to have a lovely bonding session with my niece and nephew too ❀️.


2 Responses to “Babysitting the kids”

  1. 1 Magjunkie April 11, 2018 at 12:28 am

    You are such a loving yee yee! I really like reading about your fam’s days! πŸ’•

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