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Ah pa in jeans 👖

Mummy and Saitaoha having the same breakfast of cereal and milk. We both had a good night, I had a deep sleep because Saitaomei was with my parents 😬.

Brother and ah pa came over in the morning to clean up my backyard, how nice. I think ah pa is really happy doing all these manly jobs with my brother, sigh I feel sad when I think of him leaving in a few days. I’m not so secretly wishing that he and my sil will consider moving to Perth in the near future.

We had a nice day today. The whole family trooped off to the shops for some shopping and lunch. My niece joined us because she wasn’t well so had the day off from school. Saitaoha was so pleased to have her company. She started acting up in the shopping centre though because she was overdue a nap. We went straight home afterwards where she had a two hour nap! I was a bit stressed because I wanted to go over to ah Ma’s early to prep dinner.

Luckily dinner was still cooked in time. I made nasi lemak with chicken curry, our special addition was turmeric fried fish that my brother, HC and ah pa caught during the weekend. The fish was 😋. Everyone seemed to enjoy dinner which made me feel happy.

The kids played well together and even had a mini concert which I missed because I was washing up in the kitchen.

Saitaomei had her own mini concert too. Only it was my brother serenading her, lucky girl.

Afterwards when I was giving Saitaoha a bath, ah Ma came to the bathroom collapsed in laughter. She giggled helplessly and said ‘quick, Daitaoha, quick, go and look at ah pa!!’

I went out and saw this.

Wah! Ah pa in jeans!! I’ve never seen ah pa in jeans, he’s more of an ah pek pants formal sort of guy. I think ah Ma hasn’t seen him in jeans since their early twenties days so she found it hilarious. It was even funnier when my brother taught ah pa to hook his thumbs in his pockets for that classic pose. We all burst into fits of laughter, hahahaha I’m glad I have such a funny family.

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