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Holiday or not ?

Oh dear the weekend is almost over and yet I can’t recall what I did. I think it was mostly caught up with juggling two kids at night and feeling tired during the day.

It also felt like we were constantly hanging around waiting for my brother to return from his activities. He is the most sought after person and really the golden child in the family. Sometimes I feel bad for him because it must feel like you’re being pulled in all directions. I’m hoping he’s not noticing the underlying tension, he can be pretty blur sometimes haha.

Looked through my photo stream and it looks like I didn’t take any photos all weekend except for badly angled photos of Saitaomei sleeping.

Like this one ☝️ she’s so cute when she’s sleeping 😌. Ok lah quite cute when she’s not sleeping too. My brother was marvelling her peaceful sleeping expression and peering at her face saying ‘look at that! So nice to be a baby!’ When suddenly Saitaomei opened one eye and looked straight at him! Never seen anyone retreat so fast 😂.

Ah ma’s lek tau suan for supper, I had it two days running, so delicious.

Only papa can do this, I think my arms would break if I had to carry both.

I don’t know whether I should go back to Kuching/Singapore when my parents return late May. Part of me thinks I should make the most of my maternity leave to go home, but the other part of me is thinking I should let my parents have a real holiday without the kids. How ah?

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