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Woes of solo parenting this morning. I’m pumping in the living room and straining my ears towards two bedrooms for sounds of stirring from the dynamic duo. At the sound of the first whimper, I will have to down all pumping equipment and fly to tend to the child before the cries grow loud enough to wake the second child. What happens if both wake at the same time? Tend to the one that cries the loudest loh. Luckily for Saitaomei, she wins hands down in terms of volume, but Saitaoha is more demanding in tone 😂.

Yikes, first one is up.

Oh hai mummy. I am ready for breakfast followed by morning coo and chat session please.

This one is always cheery after a feed. She’s bursting out of her 3-6 months onesies, which I guess is a good thing only R and I cleverly bought boxes and boxes of infant nappies when they were on sale. They seem rather tight now so everytime R changes her he says ‘aiyoh cannot keep eating baby’. ‘Putting on weight is good!’ I chide him. He replies ‘What do we do with the boxes of nappies? Unless we have a third child …’ He’s talking to the wind by then coz I’m gone at the mention of a third.

The dynamic duo will grow up to be teammates and best friends I think. They are already tag teaming to torture their parents at night. Saitaoha took the early shift with her crying and wailing from 1am to 4am. Then Saitaomei took over by not being able to fall back asleep after her feed at 4am. So R and I played our favourite game of musical chairs again *yawn*.

Sneaky fella took off this morning for his blood donation session. I’m inwardly thinking ‘donate blood to save lives for what?save ME!’ but no lah, it’s good to donate blood. I used to go too pre baby and hope I can return to regular sessions in the future.

Yesterday’s dinner was loh bak and loh ark. But the main was bak kut teh. We are trying to cook things that my brother misses and won’t get to eat in US. The cooking part is mostly fun but gosh the washing up and cleaning afterwards is a pain! We really should start using our dishwasher, so far we’ve been doing the Asian thing of using it as a drying rack 😅. I think we’re going out to eat tonight 😁.

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