City city

We headed into the city today with all the kids. I always feel a bit stressed at the thought of bringing both kids out, but I have lots of support so it always turns out much better than I imagined it to be. I guess I’m just a born worrywart.

My brother said local food that he misses the most is Kolo mee. Chicken rice is no.2 on his list so we headed to Tak Chee for a yummy chicken rice lunch. I used to go to Tak Chee a lot years ago, but then the service became snooty and I hated their cash only requirement so I stopped going. I’m pleased that their service was much better today but sadly it’s still cash only. R is going to cook chicken rice for the folks on Friday, I hope they will like our homemade version.

Saitaoha likes chicken rice too, all kids seem to love chicken rice, I guess because it’s so flavourful.

Another homecooked dinner, ah Ma made kiam chye duck soup for us, it’s my brother’s favourite soup, he likes it so much it even made it onto his wedding speech 😂. I helped with the veggies and a stir fry beef dish which they seemed to like. My sister bought Corica apple strudel for dessert, custard, cream, apples and puff pastry, what’s not to like? Ah Ma is not a sweet tooth (unlike the rest of us 😅) but she likes this strudel a lot!

Tomorrow ah Ma and I are going to cook bak kut teh, hopefully I’ll remember to take a picture this time. If I have time I would love to bake a pandan chiffon cake for my brother. Except I think he’s suffering from holiday overeating.

Aldi closes at 8pm so we had a mad dash to the supermarket at 7.45pm. Luckily we made it phew. R bought more tools (don’t know what he’s doing with a mitre saw ), I stocked up on milk, yoghurt, and my brother bought mineral water (seriously he’s so healthy I’m not sure we’re from the same family). It feels silly saying this but I felt so happy that I could go for a grocery run with my brother. I wish he lived in Perth. Sigh.

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