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Laksa night

My big/little girl is learning how to put on and take off her shoes. She gets frustrated if she puts them on the wrong side and refuses to give up. I’m not sure whether to be pleased that she is so independent or worried that she’s so stubborn.

Meanwhile this little one made a new friend. Ah Ma sent me a video of her cooing away to teddy, so cute.

Both kids had their immunisation jabs today. Saitaoha was actually just there to accompany her sister but the nurse offered to give her the free meningococcal vaccine (there’s an outbreak in WA) so she ended up getting a jab too. Luckily she was very good and didn’t even flinch or cry. Nurse was so surprised she rewarded her with a sticker.

My beef brisket noodles for lunch. It was nice meeting up with the family, I feel a bit sad that I can’t go for many outings with my brother and sil. It’s just difficult going for long outings with my pumping schedule and two kids in tow. I just hope I’m not stopping my parents from spending time with their son too. Lately I’ve been thinking of how much my parents had to sacrifice to send us overseas for studies. Worse still, they lose us to foreign countries when we migrate and don’t return home! We can hardly bear to be apart from our kids for more than a couple of days, yet my parents are willing to be apart from us forever if it means we will have a better life elsewhere.

We had a Sarawak laksa night with char kueh. This time I made the laksa instead of R, but it’s his turn to make chicken rice on Friday woo hoo.

After dinner we had a little music session. My brother played on his guitar and my niece sang a lovely song. We all clapped in rhythm to the music, Saitaoha too, she even stomped her foot 😀. Ah pa was video-ing the entire scene and I was carrying Saitaomei who seemed to enjoy the music too. At that moment I wished time could standstill.

Then it was time to go home. I carried Saitaoha in my arms, we admired the stars in the sky and sang twinkle twinkle little star together in soft whispery tones. A heartwarming end to a lovely family day.

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