Easter egg hunt

Saitaoha had a lovely time Easter egg hunting at my sister’s today. She has an obsession with kinder eggs and toy eggs so this game was so fun for her.

My sister’s garden and house was so prettily decorated with Easter signs and decorations.

So cute!

Ready to hunt for eggs.

Hmm is that an egg? Am I allowed to take it?

At first she was a bit hesitant to pick up the eggs and received lots of help and hints from my sil.

Then she started getting into it and would gasped in delight ‘egg egg!’

Checking out her Easter egg loot.

She enjoyed herself soo much.

My sister’s Easter egg themed afternoon tea was so on point! Even the table cloth and placemats had chickens and ducks haha.

My sister made the scones, sil made the cinnamon rolls and brother made the dark chocolate nut bars. All very delicious.

Bonus pic of my chubby Saitaoha, her hair is getting long, we have to tie it up, but I think she looks cute like that.

Afterwards we had a BBQ at home and my good friend Jaso dropped by. It was so nice to catch up with him even though I was a bit distracted with the kids.

Ah pa was so funny, he came over and gave me a little nudge ‘ eh since your friend is here, maybe we can ask him to help us take a family photo ?’ We’ve been trying to take a good family photo for days but keep failing with our lousy selfie stick skills. Poor Jaso became our photographer for the night 😅, luckily he’s so nice and he’s also a great photographer so I’m sure we got some good pics.

In every photo Saitaoha was holding on to a chocolate rabbit though, oh my child 😓.


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