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Best of both worlds

I did it again! Hit on the dayre icon when I wanted to blog, old habits die hard 😓.

After my early CT scan today, we headed to Carousel because ah Ma wanted to do some grocery shopping.

Success is when both kids fall asleep right before lunch.

So the adults get to eat in peace 😃. I had to master the art of eating with my left hand though (Saitaomei was napping on my right arm) but I reckon I did pretty well.

Hahaha that round face.

Always excited when I spot a new bakery. This one was called Dufour and is a French Japanese fusion bakery. The bread on sale looked lacklustre and was lacking in variety though.

We bought some to try. Ah ma’s verdict ‘so teng (硬)even my bread is better!’ Oops.

My matcha azuki bun was not bad, more dense sort of bread but it had a nice chewy texture. Bread wasn’t too sweet and had a hint of salt.

In the evening I had a night off kid duty and met up with my favourite ex work colleagues for dinner. We chatted for three hours straight, it was so good to talk and laugh about topics other than kids. I felt like a bit of my old self again, it was nice to immerse into the working world and be someone other than a mummy. But it was even nicer to come back home to be greeted by Saitaoha ‘mummy! Mummy !!’ she ran to me in delight and hugged my legs. I had the best of both worlds today.

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