Liar liar pants on fire

Lied to Saitaoha and said I would give her aiji if she takes her medicine. She had been shaking her head vehemently at the offered meds, but stopped and nodded when she heard the magic word aiji. Then she drank the medicine willingly. BUT I didn’t give her aiji!! Luckily she’s quite 健忘 and forgot about it. I feel really guilty though, will let her have some when she’s fully recovered. Mummy the liar 🤥, going straight to hell.

This reminds me of when we were taking a maxi cab in Singapore and the nice taxi driver uncle put on a cartoon on the video for Saitaoha. Only thing is the cartoon was a really old Tom and Jerry cartoon that I swear I watched as a kid. It was such a morbid one too and I was hoping Saitaoha wasn’t watching too intently. Tom and Jerry were doing their usual thing of Tom trying to eat Jerry and Jerry out smarting him. This time a piano fell on Tom and he died. He was floating up to catch the express train to heaven (?!) but the gatekeeper stops him and says he can’t go to heaven unless he gets Tom to sign a certificate of forgiveness. Or else it’s straight to hell for him. Anyway it ends with Tom not getting Jerry to sign in time and he falls to hell and is cooked in a cauldron (???!!). Then he wakes up and it’s all a dream.

I mean, surely this cartoon is a bit scary for kids? The second episode wasn’t any better, it was about an ugly duckling who was Jerry’s friend. Ugly duckling was very depressed that he was ugly so kept trying to commit suicide by asking Tom to eat him!! Aiyoh… I wanted to ask taxi driver uncle whether he had any Peppa pig instead. The cartoons nowadays are so tame compared to the heavy hearted cartoons of our day (anyone else cried buckets when Lion King’s father died?).

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