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Sigh, Saitaoha is down with a cold and cough. I suspect she’s been fighting one off for a couple of days now which explains the bad sleep and crying fits. Last night she was crying and moaning all night, poor girl, I was in the next room with an unsettled Saitaomei and all I could hear was her pitiful wails of ‘mummy mummy mummy’. I really wish I could clone myself then!

R and I did the whole zombie musical chair dance again, only somehow I suddenly found myself with both kids in the same room and R sleeping in the other room 🤔 hmm… not sure how that happened.

Anyway that was a ticking time bomb situation and sure enough, Saitaoha’s wailing woke up Saitaomei and she started crying. So I had to wake up R and pass him Saitaomei. Wah how do single parents do this??

The exhausting night and sick kid meant we weren’t able to go for our first Dayre meetup 😑. I tell you it’s not meant to be lah, I’ve never managed to meet any Dayre people successfully, I think this is the universe asking me to stay my true introvert self forever.

We spent the rest of the day napping and resting which was such a pity because it was a beautiful day out. In the end R and I couldn’t tahan the cabin fever and brought Saitaoha out to play. She wasn’t her usual active self but I think she enjoyed being outdoors for a while.

I’m hoping the little one won’t catch the cold. She is getting so cute and smiley 😍.

Take 1.

Take 2.

Take 3.

Praying that Saitaoha gets a restful night and has a speedy recovery.

I should be used to this by now, by my heart still aches whenever she coughs.

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