Terrible twos

I’ve never been one to read parenting books and the like. But now I’m so desperate for some parenting advice I might start googling for books to teach you how to deal with terrible twos. Anyone has any recommendations?

My mummy friends (and sisters) tell me it’s a phase and I just have to wait it out. But maybe if I understand why she’s acting this way it will help me be a more patient and better mummy? Right now I feel like a total failure.

Saitaoha is eating and sleeping badly. She has impossible tantrums and is so naughty. When I lost my temper at her, ah Ma explained to her that mummy was angry.

She knew she was in trouble and kept trying to get me to play with her. But I ignored her, she looked disappointed, resigned and muttered ‘mummy angry’ a few times. I felt like my heart was breaking. How do I let her know that this behaviour is not acceptable? How do I discipline a two year old? I really don’t want to be angry mummy all the time!

On another note, my feet are killing me. I can’t believe how long it is taking me to recover. The only positive I can think of from this injury is that I will be a lot more appreciative of my mobility when I recover!


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