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Photo dump

It’s been over a week but I still hit on the Dayre icon on auto pilot when I feel the urge to blog. Dayre feels different nowadays, can’t help but feel sad.

An unsuspecting bubba who was about to get her tongue tie lasered. She was the loudest baby in the room, you could hear her wails ricocheting off the walls, all the mummies in the waiting room shivered in trepidation.

Pepper lunch for dinner with my sister and family yesterday. It’s funny but I missed my sister while we were on holidays. Saitaomei got over her pooing strike by pooing two times at the clinic and once more at my sister’s place. I ran out of nappies and clothes 😲. But luckily Tspellstrouble dug up some old nappies and clothes, Saitaoha has been benefiting from my nephew’s hand-me-downs for the past few years, looks like Saitaomei is continuing the trend.

Ah Ma messaged me asking ‘how come no milestone card pictures and no monthly cakes for Saitaomei?’ I replied ‘second child syndrome’, she said ‘poor thing’.

Ya hor mummy, how come I only get hand me downs and no one celebrates my milestones?’

Sorry sorry Saitaomei. We will get you a cake this month.

Ah Ma had tom yum noodles at the food court.

I had a sumo salad, SIGH, I miss Loh mee, po piah, chicken rice and kway chap. I miss Kuching. I miss Singapore.

Saitaoha in her old cot kicking the musical mobile that she used to coo at as a baby. We have both kids tonight, and both are asleep, such bliss.

Saitaoha went back to daycare today, came back so tired and cranky, we couldn’t do anything with her but give her milk and get her to sleep early.

The good news is, my right foot is much better and my left foot is still sore and swollen but healing. The bad news is ah Ma hurt her back tonight 😓. Looking after kids is so much more physical taxing than I ever imagined it to be. I hope we all get well soon 🙏🏻.

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