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Since we’ve been home, ah Ma and I have been alternating kids. Some nights she takes Saitaoha and I’ll take Saitaomei, on other nights we will switch kids. I have to admit I’m enjoying my daughters so much more with the added help here (not having to cook and do housework helps a lot!). I enjoy the winding down time with both kids before they fall asleep. It’s especially fun with Saitaoha because we have a lot more interaction. But she’s also a terror for refusing to go to sleep because she’s having too much fun!

Sometimes I get angry with her because she’s so naughty. But during these winding down times, when she just wants to play and cuddle with me, I am reminded that she’s not yet 2 and I’m expecting too much from my firstborn. Lately she’s been climbing on my back and walking on me, but I actually encourage it coz I have such a sore back and find it soothing. Haha using my child as a masseur.

It’s also lovely watching my parents with the kids. Sometimes Saitaoha will crawl into my ah ma’s arms and both will lie on the couch together watching tv. If her gung gung mah mah have been out, she is delighted when they’re home and greets them with giggles. Tonight when ah pa and I went out with her without my mum, she kept saying bye bye mah mah in the car as we were driving off.

Saitaomei is getting her share of attention too. My parents love talking to her which did responds to by cooing and smiling.

This sweet smile. Melts hearts.

Totally bias but gosh she’s a cutie.

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