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Valentine’s Day

R and I haven’t celebrated Valentine’s Day in aeons. Our romantic days are long over, in fact nowadays his 爱人 is Saitaoha πŸ˜….

It got me thinking about how he used to try to be romantic during our courtship days. I use the word try because whilst the intention was there, the result was err not so romantic but quite hilarious.

Once I had a male colleague who exhibited stalker like behaviour. Unfortunately he lived nearby and would always wait near my house so we would ‘coincidentally’ get the same bus together.

At that time my sister lived with me. One evening she called me in a frantic ‘OMG Daitaoha someone stuck a rose on our door!! Do you think it’s that stalker guy! How?! So scary!!’ I was in the car with R so I turned to him and said ‘eh Jo said some person stuck a rose on our door, you think it’s that creep from work?!’ R’s face was 😐, he said ‘uhhh’ then kept silent for a while. A pin dropped and I said ‘was it YOU????’ He sheepishly nodded and said ‘I was trying to give you a surprise’. HAHAHA. And that’s the last time he tried to surprise me with romantic gestures.

Another time we went for a staycation and he decided to cook me a meal for dinner. I waited for him in the bedroom while he prepared dinner in the kitchenette. Only problem is it took him like 3 HOURS to cook dinner that I fell asleep. Our 心归牛扒 was stone cold by the time we ate it but A for effort.

Fast forward five years of marriage and two kids later, we don’t have much time or energy for romance, but I hope that we both put in more effort this year.

Happy Valentine’s Day R.

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