Nashi pears

Nashi pears are my favourite fruit but are rarely seen in Perth. Ah pa knows how much I like them so he’s been buying them and cutting me a bowl everyday since we’ve been back in Kuching.

Saitaoha likes them too but the spoilt girl will only take a couple of bites out of each slice and offer them to us to finish!

Today ah ma drove us out (once with just Saitaomei, second time with both kids) to go shopping. I knew she was probably tired, but she was keen to make sure that I was able to shop to my heart’s content and buy everything I need.

Same like my ah pa and the pears, it’s gestures like these that humble me and make me feel so lucky and guilty at the same time.

It’s been a week since I’ve flown out of Perth and honestly time has flown by. I am a lot more rested and getting so much more sleep. But I feel bad because I have hijacked my parents’ holiday. Usually this is their break from helping me care for Saitaoha in Perth, but now they’re taking care of Saitaoha, Saitaomei and I.

I’m trying not to let the guilt consume me as it usually would. Instead I am trying to make sure that my parents’ sacrifice is not in vain. I rest when they tell me to. I enjoy my food when they bring me to try yummy food. I shop without scrimping when they bring me shopping. And even if I’m full to the brim, I make sure I finish every single slice of nashi pear.

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