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My babies

Restarting my dormant blog with a photo of my babies.

Saitaoha kissing Saitaomei 💕 Saitaomei looks not so thrilled though hahaha.

She discovered this Shrek headband and wanted to wear it. Sigh when my daughter is not throwing terrible two tantrums she is actually a sweet and funny child.

Saitaoha was really naughty today. Ever since the holiday started she has been very clingy and needy. She’s even started to insist that I carry her when she sees me carrying Saitaomei 😓. Today ah ma bought her a toy at the supermarket, she insisted on opening it up in the car and afterwards refused to get out of the car for dinner because she wanted to play with her toy. It would have been fine if she just played quietly but she was so cranky and upset with the toy, whining and crying throughout.

When we got home I took away her toys and told her no more toys for misbehaving. She had a total meltdown which went on and on and on. Even when I put her in the bath and her sobs subsided, she remembered her toy halfway and started whining and crying again.

How do you discipline a two year old? It makes me question by capability as a mother, how did she get so spoilt and naughty? Is it me? It must be me. Whilst the storm was carrying on, her Mah Mah was hovering in the background feeling sorry for Saitaoha and trying to save her without being obvious. I remember ah ma used to do that for us kids as well when ah pa got angry and was about to whack us. She would scold us but sort of hurry us away before ah pa blew his top.

Oh my dear Saitaoha, I hope your terrible twos phase goes away really quickly !!

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