Of Dayre and Kindle

Just a short post to say that I’m still alive haha. Actually I’ve been posting a lot on dayre and so far it’s been very easy and lots of fun. Let’s see how long that lasts.

My favourite part is reading my sisters’ dayre posts and especially my ah ma’s dayre! Jan said to me today that she didn’t feel like dayre-ing because it’s mostly us reading each others’ posts and ‘I’m right in front of you now’.  I get where she’s coming from especially with technology nowadays like whatsapp we’re pretty much conversing all the time and see each other weekly. Still, I love reading their daily thoughts on the go and reading about daily snippets of their lives. Especially my mother’s posts because it feels like I’m seeing her life in Kuching and she gets to see what I’m doing in Perth.

Even better news, my ah pa and ah ma are visiting us in October! Only for two weeks but it will be lots of fun. Plus the weather will be a lot cooler then so they should enjoy it.

Ok gotto go now, I’ve just uploaded a stack of childhood books (Fudge series, Judy Blume and The Three Investigators!) on my Kindle and can’t wait to get started. Adios!


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