Camping @ Miami Holiday Park, Falcon WA

Noticed that I started a new category called Daitaoha Camping? It’s because we actually had a good first time camping experience so I think we will probably go camping again in the future! Haha, positive thinking.
20141107_111254This was our camp site at Miami Holiday Park in Falcon/Mandurah. The caravan park was in a very convenient location (so near to shops and beach etc.), was a powered site with full facilities so technically it wasn’t camping in the real sense but glamping (glamorous camping haha). Still, it was a good place to ease our way into real camping.


Tristan dancing away while his papa and uncle are hard at work putting at the tents. He loved camping from the get go and had a great time tripping over tent lines and running around in the grass.

_DSC3891 (Medium)The tents are up! Not bad for a first try.

20141107_190245Our first camping meal. It was a simple steak with salad and asparagus. Next time we’re investing in an electric cooker because it took ages for us to heat up the pan on the gas stove because it was so windy!

_DSC3900 (Medium)Our idyllic caravan park in the morning. I’ll be honest, our first night was rough because we were not prepared for how cold it would get in the wee hours of the morning, plus we obviously didn’t get our tent quite right because it was flapping so much in the wind that it kept us up. I reckon we probably slept two hours and I was very tired on the second day. The good news is, we re pegged the tents on the second day, Jan came with extra blankets and it was so much better.

_DSC3895 (Medium)Revisiting Mandurah which is still lovely.

_DSC3897 (Medium)Going to the beach. This is Falcon Bay. For some reason I had fanciful ideas of spending the day by the beach, reading a book and sipping a pina colada (ok, more like a Coke), occasionally dipping in the ocean. Alas, this trip reminded me that I’m not a beach person, the ocean was too cold and it was too hot by the beach to stay all day.

_DSC3904 (Medium)Witnessing a funny moment between Tristan and Muffin.

_DSC3905 (Medium)In my imagination, they were having a conversation. It was kinda sweet.

_DSC3906 (Medium)Tristan had a great time admiring all the dogs that went by the caravan park. Everytime he saw one he would point at the dogs in excitement and say ‘ou ou!’

_DSC3907 (Medium)Little ones are cute during camping. Except at night when they cry because of the funny sounds in the tent.

_DSC3909 (Medium)The best part of camping is spending quality time with your friends and family.

_DSC3912 (Medium)Family photo for Wendy, Jason and Muffin. With another little one coming along too hehe.

_DSC3917 (Medium)Good mates sharing a beer.

First camping trip over and out! We’re already planning for the second one :). I’m told the best part about camping is sitting in the chair with a glass of wine and looking up at the stars. That is going to be my goal for the second trip!

1 Response to “Camping @ Miami Holiday Park, Falcon WA”

  1. 1 Wendy November 16, 2014 at 11:27 am

    Oh ye, thank u guys , we had a good time. And looking forward our next one. Surprise me that muffin didn’t hurt Tristan which is a such release. They can do coping better and better. Yes I can image next time we r sitting in chair with a drink and looking up to the sky having a bit chat. 😉 go go go

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