Food crawling on Saturday night

This Saturday was possibly the longest hours I’ve spent in the office over the weekend. Luckily,  I had the long suffering husband accompanying me.   By the time we trooped out of the building,  it was dark out.

Sometimes I’m not sure whether it’s good or bad that we are both workaholics :(. The best part about having to work during the weekend?


Indulging in tasty, yummy food at Pleased to Meet You afterwards. Watching the world walk by with a mango daiquiri.


Super crispy pork crackling with juicy suckling pork pullings. So good.


This roasted baby chicken with habanero was the highlight of the night and finger licking good. I love this place, everything has been so tasty so far and I can’t wait to explore the rest of their menu.


We didn’t end the night at Pleased to Meet You. Somehow we found ourselves at Darlings Supper Club on Lake Street. There was a great vibe there, R and I felt a bit out of place in our casual workdigs.


Who wouldn’t want dumplings for supper at 3am? In all honesty, the dumplings that I had there (the fried prawn and coriander dumplings) weren’t fantastic, but the great energy in the place, interesting asian selection of drinks made up for it.


Kungfu beer from 2 brothers was lovely. R really enjoyed the hot sake as well.


Fried japanese tofu with chilli salt and miso glaze. This was pretty good. Will be back, hopefully next time with friends and more suitably dressed for a night out.

Looking forward to the next weekend already.

Darlings Supper Club
47 Lake St
Northbridge WA 6003
(08) 9328 9883


I had to google to find out when Mooncake festival falls in 2014. The rest of the family will be out of the country  on 8th September and I will also be away for work! So we celebrated a week earlier.


Sesame flavoured crystal skin mooncake.


I love mooncake best with a cup of good Chinese tea. This was the fragrant tieguanyin, we usually dig out our precious supply of ‘Gerry’ tea leaves for special occasions. I call them Gerry tea because Gerry always gives us lovely tea from China.

Crazy Stupid Love is on tv right now. How come I’ve never seen this before? Ok, going to concentrate now.


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