It was a really special Mother’s day this year because all the kids were here. The only mummy missing was my Ah Ma! I think she was a bit jealous.  Maybe next year Ah Ma will be here for Mother’s Day, that would be lovely.

Lately I’ve lost my mojo at work. Sigh, I guess everyone goes through ups and downs in their career and there are times when one feels demotivated or disillusioned. Maybe my fire is burning low and I’m running out of gas? Or maybe it’s just a lull before I feel better again, whatever it is, I hope it goes by soon.

Weekends are now a time for relaxation and with the kids around, it really brings new meaning to the words family day.

_DSC2398 (Medium).

The brother in laws enjoying a spot of fishing. I know HC is really enjoying having a fishing mate while it’s nice that Andy has gotten into the Aussie sport.


What do the rest of us non fishers do? We picnic, stuff our faces, go pinecone and leaf hunting and bask in the sun.

_DSC2387 (Medium)

I think all the idyllic family time is also a reason why I’m getting more and more reluctant to spend so much time and energy at work. Why be in front of the computer when you can have this? (-_____-).

I look forward to the good working days again. In the meantime, I will count down the days to the weekend again.


1 Response to “Cracks”

  1. 1 Gerry May 18, 2014 at 10:54 pm

    What a beautiful day!

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