iPad blogging

I am trying a new experiment of blogging using my mini iPad to see whether it will make me blog more frequently! Being in front of the computer all day at work, the last thing I want to do at the end of the day is switch on my laptop to blog.

But it’s a lot easier blogging on the mini! Only con is the quality of the pics won’t be great coz they’re taken on the mini, ah well, I can save the nicer pics and longer blogs for the weekend.


Any guesses what this is? A bit early for my usual mid week baking but Jo and Hc gave me a lift home from work so I reached home early for once!

I’ve been taking a hiatus from tvb drama watching and have been avidly following my kitchen rules and  Winter Olympics! It’s quite odd since I’ve never been keen on winter sports but figure skating is very entertaining! R and I have also been watching aerial skiing. Maybe it’s the awe of watching athletes defy gravity and doing what we could never do.


It’s another recipe from my favourite trusty baking book, chocolate raspberry brownies. I think it’s not too rich and will go down well at work.


It’s my boss’s birthday tomorrow, he’s not a sweet tooth so I decided to bake sausage rolls for a savoury treat, the boys should love this, not sure why sausage rolls and meat pies are so popular in Australia, maybe coz they’re served warm? My sausage rolls have apple, pork, fennel and leek filling 🙂

Ooh couple figure skating finals are on, back to the tv…Have a good week all!


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