Life is a chocolate caramel slice

With R working 6 days a week, Sunday is the only full day that we get to spend time together. We’ve  started what I hope will be an ongoing ritual of Sunday brekkie :).

_DSC1810 (Large)

Since last Sunday’s breakfast at The Old Crow was a big hit, we went back to the Old Crow again. This time we sat in the ‘glass house’ part of The Old Crow, it’s nice sitting outside on bright sunny days but I still prefer the cool wooden interior.

_DSC1816 (Large)

Sunday coffees are the best.


A naughty little boy joined us for breakfast. One not so good thing about The Old Crow, not so family friendly with the lack of high chairs.

_DSC1815 (Large)

Packed banana bread which was rather like banana cake in texture.

_DSC1817 (Large)

Jo’s mushrooms, provolone croquette, slow egg, red sauce ($19) was pretty good, I love cheesy croquettes and this was was nicely done. The slow egg was just right, softer than the texture of a poached egg but with the same runny yolk interior.

_DSC1822 (Large)

Doughnuts, buttermilk custard and rhubarb ($16). This was a poor choice for us, I usually steer clear of rhubarb desserts and probably should have this time. The custard and rhubarb mix was actually not too bad (not overly tart) but the doughnuts were not what I was expecting, they were rather hard on the outside and doughy and dense on the inside. Not my idea of good doughnuts.

_DSC1823 (Large)

Omelette, brie and pickled walnuts ($16.50). The omelette was lovely and light by itself, but R found the pickles overpowering and didn’t enjoy this dish much. I think he will be sticking to the black pudding in future.

_DSC1832 (Large)Can you guess what pie this is?

_DSC1833 (Large)Not really a pie but a stew with a puff pastry lid. This was a lamb, pea and barley stew with lots of dill. I liked the added texture of the barley which when braised in the stew soaks up the flavours pf the stew rather like risotto.

_DSC1829 (Large)More suited for winter rather than summer but comforting nonetheless. Pea and mint soup with added grilled bacon bits.

_DSC1806 (Large)

Chocolate caramel slices are popular Australian morning tea pastries and it was my first time baking them. Being lazy as usual, I was happy that I didn’t have to bring out the mixer.  My colleagues at work liked it a lot so I will making them again. One more ticked off my 30 must cook recipes. I only have a month and a bit left to the end of 2013 so I had better start cooking more if I plan a make a dent to my list!


4 Responses to “Life is a chocolate caramel slice”

  1. 1 Ah Ma November 18, 2013 at 6:34 am

    The boy really has a cheeky face in the photo.

  2. 2 daitaoha November 18, 2013 at 12:12 pm

    Ya very cheeky nowadays!

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