Lost in the City@ Toastface Grillah & The Old Crow

It’s been a while since I’ve been into the Perth city so I ventured in alone during the past weekend. Maybe it’s because I don’t work in the city anymore so I really appreciated the new fun cafes and shops.

_DSC1771 (Large)

Who knew there was such vibrant street art in this hidden lane?

_DSC1772 (Large)

This was my Saturday breakfast joint. I love grilled toasts so the name Toastface Grillah immediately appealed to me.

_DSC1773 (Large)

A cosy little nook is how I would describe Toastface Grillah. It was a hot Saturday but cool and relaxing in the shade.

_DSC1774 (Large)

I enjoyed my me time with a Pear Grillz toasty ($9) with blue cheese, pear and lime chutney, a latte and the weekend papers.

_DSC1775 (Large)

The toast was yummy but the clumsy daitaoha dropped lime chutney and blue cheese on my skirt :(. A messy eat but definitely worth it . I would love to try all their other toasties but I doubt I’ll ever get the chance to go again.

_DSC1776 (Large)

More gorgeous mural art in the city, I love the owls. The sleepy city is finally waking up.

Toastface Grillah
Grand Lane, Perth (Cnr of Wellington & Barrack street)

_DSC1791 (Large)

Ok,  this is my new favourite breakfast place. But The Old Crow’s lunch and dinner menu looks so good that I’m dying to go back for dinner too.

_DSC1793 (Large)

I love the dark wooden interior and the lovely oldie music. Just a few shops away is the ever popular Tuckshop Cafe which I reckon is overrated. But I’m secretly pleased that no one seems to have discovered how good The Old Crow is yet because the quiet restaurant is just so cozy and comfortable. But surely it won’t last long?

_DSC1796 (Large)

Black pudding, fried eggs and a side salad. Everything matched wonderfully well, down to the bits of red onion. A delight.

_DSC1798 (Large)

Hotdog for breakfast? Why not? This house cheese kransky on a soft bun with jalepeno and hot sauce ($13) wasn’t your typical hotdog and was pretty tasty. I probably wouldn’t order it again because there are so many other yummy sounding things on their menu but it was still a novelty.

I want to go back! Maybe it’s time to plan an early work Christmas lunch  …

The Old Crow
172 Newcastle Street Perth
Phone: 08 9227 9995

_DSC1799 (Large)

My weekend vegetarian lasagna with eggplant, pumpkin, mushrooms and ricotta.

_DSC1802 (Large)

Tonight’s dinner of roast chicken with roasted purple sweet potatoes.

_DSC1804 (Large)

Stir fried cabbage with butter, Worcestershire sauce and bacon.

4 more days till the weekend.


2 Responses to “Lost in the City@ Toastface Grillah & The Old Crow”

  1. 1 Jason November 13, 2013 at 8:08 am

    I went to The Old Crow a while back and loved it too, esp with the whole house to restaurant conversion!

    I heard about Toastface but was out off with the price!! Will try it when I’m back.

    Don’t know if I can ever readjust to the ridiculous prices when I’m back!!!

    Ps- meeting up with Jan and family for lunch on Sunday. Jello? Lol

  2. 2 daitaoha November 17, 2013 at 11:33 am

    I agree that the Toastface is overpriced, but I am a sucker for grilled toasties 🙂 We can go together when you’re back!

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