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Upside down Sundays

Jo’s request for this weekend’s family dinner was Thai themed. Every now and then she gets a craving for Thai food and will request old favourites like pineapple fried rice.

_DSC1709 (Medium)

Surprisingly, this time she felt like pad thai! It’s been a while since I’ve cooked pad thai so this version wasn’t as good as it could be, I didn’t have any crushed peanuts which I feel is so essential in a good pad thai and I ran out of fish sauce!

_DSC1714 (Medium)

Thai green chicken curry which I loaded with lots of vegetables including carrots, eggplant and mushrooms.

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Sunday brunch at Gordon Street Garage in West Perth (opposite Harbour Town). It was my second visit to the much hyped and popular Gordon Street Garage, unfortunately the second visit wasn’t as good as my first. It was a beautiful day and we didn’t have to wait to get a table.

_DSC1728 (Medium)

While service was friendly, they seemed rather flustered with no water offered and a wait for menus and ordering. It was even more disappointing to be told that they had a ‘huge breakfast crowd’ which meant that they could only serve pizzas for the next half and hour (we were there around noon) and the full lunch menu wouldn’t be available.

_DSC1729 (Medium)

Pizzas were not what were were there for so I had a banana muffin instead. It was a sad muffin, not warmed up, dense and dry. I left half my muffin behind :(. Luckily their coffees were fantastic and made up for the lackluster muffin.

_DSC1730 (Medium)

Lamb and sumac and basil pizza. It was just average.. I don’ think I will be returning to Gordon Street again, maybe for a takeaway coffee?

_DSC1738 (Medium)

Our office is on a sugar high and everyone’s been bringing baked goods in so I’ve jumped on the band wagon and have started baking more frequently. This will be my contribution tomorrow, an upside down orange cake drizzled with orange syrup. I couldn’t resist baking it because it is such a pretty cake and I love baking anything orange and made with almond meal. Yummy with vanilla icecream.

_DSC1724 (Medium)

Tristan has had such a bad run with all sorts of illnesses but he is on the mend and was all smiles for his yee yee this weekend. I did miss his smiles and giggles while he was sick so I’m so glad he’s better now.

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