Day 7 Hongkong: Rubber Duck@Victoria Harbour, Sham Shui Po, Lan Kwai Fong,

It’s Sunday night and I’m sipping on my leftover apple cider (Strongbow sweet) from dinner and watching a rerun of You’ve Got Mail showing on tv.After so many years, I still love that movie and the combination Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan in romantic comedies (remember Sleepless in Seattle? So good!).

At dinner tonight, yet another sister commented ‘Your blog is dead’. Seems like I don’t blog unless someone gives me a bit of pressure nowadays (= T _____ T=). Ok, back to my long ago Hongkong holiday posts. It feels so long ago that my posts are probably all inaccurate now and I’m getting the days and places all mixed up, so bear with me.
_DSC2939 (Medium)

I remember on the first morning when we returned from Guangzhou, we headed to Lai Chi Kok for the fashion wholesale markets. Many years ago this was my shopping heaven and I remember coming to the Hong Kong Industrial Centre with my mother and my mum bought many lovely suits. This time, the wholesale market was lackluster and there was nothing to buy. I guess I’ve been spoilt by the likes of Bangkok’s Pratunam shopping centre.

_DSC2944 (Medium)

Since we were travelling along the Tsuen Wan Line, we stopped by the Sham Shui Po district made famous by many TVB dramas. The famous Apliu Street known for its electronic devices.

_DSC2946 (Medium)

We wandered around, looking at the stalls selling batteries, second hand electronic gadgets.

_DSC2948 (Medium)

Stopping at a side street cafe in Sham Shui Po to have a bowl of noodles. This was R’s noodles with pork intestines. Lots of veggies. I remember he quite enjoyed these noodles.

_DSC2947 (Medium)

I spied some boys at the next table thins having this yin yang fried rice which came with two gravies for those that can’t make up their minds, a sweet and sour tomato gravy and a creamy egg white gravy. It was actually pretty tasty.


Stopped by Kam Wah bakery again to have another polo bun (why didn’t I have more of these?!) and also tried their egg tarts which were very good.

_DSC2979 (Medium)

In the afternoon we went to the Harbor City Shopping Mall at Tsim Tsa Tsui in search of a certain yellow rubber duck. But it wasn’t so easy and we couldn’t find the duck anywhere.

_DSC2986 (Medium)

But we did find a Hongkong celebrity Ella Koon who was promoting FANCL in the mall. She was actually very pretty, just like tv :).

_DSC2989 (Medium)

Little rubber ducks in sight. But still not the big one we were looking for.

_DSC2999 (Medium)

Found! There was a huge rubber duck craze in Hongkong caused by this 54 feet rubber duck which just happened to be in the city while we were there (I’m told the ducky is docked in Taiwan now). It was quite funny how loved this duck was and how there were rubber ducks souvenirs sold everywhere, but I have to confess, the duck was pretty cute.

_DSC3032 (Medium)

It started getting very hot and we wandered around the Avenue of Stars under umbrellas.

_DSC3035 (Medium)

Statue of Bruce Lee, more Malaysians know it now (at least R does) because of the political figure ‘Superman’ who was involved in establishing this structure and is a big Bruce Lee fan.

CausewayBay_Panorama1-4 (Medium)

Victoria Harbour waterfront panorama.

_DSC3039 (Medium)Stopped one of the many Tsui Wah restaurants for a drink and feed before we wilted from the heat. I don’t remember much about my fishball noodles but I think they were average.

_DSC2966 (Medium)

One of our nicer dinners at the two michelin stared Good Hope Noodles 好旺角麵家 located on Sai Yeung Choi Street in Mongkok, conveniently located near our hotel. We were very hopeful after reading the raving reviews on their noodles.

_DSC2963 (Medium)My braised beef brisket noodles were very nice and the noodles were great and springy in texture.

_DSC2964 (Medium)R’s mixed innards noodles with soup. We decided that the noodles were even better in soup.

_DSC1166 (Medium)Late night clubbing at the nightlife district of Lan Kwai Fong located in Central. Haha, R and I were trying to be trendy and dressed up for the occasion.

_DSC1164 (Medium)

It wasn’t too late, close to midnight but the the streets were already buzzing with beautiful and slightly drunk people,

_DSC1156 (Medium)

We ‘cool cats’ only had a cocktail each, visited a couple of pubs and called it a night. But it was a really fun night that I will always remember fondly. Watch out for the next post because that’s when my parents arrive!

2 Responses to “Day 7 Hongkong: Rubber Duck@Victoria Harbour, Sham Shui Po, Lan Kwai Fong,”

  1. 1 sakuratrees October 13, 2013 at 2:55 am

    Sigh…I want to go hk! Don’t like Ella kwan. She is pretty lah. Tristan says wah quack quack so big!! My papa likes quack quack!

    You cool cats old liao…cannot go clubbing liao. Hahaha

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