Day 6 Jiangmen江门, Kai Ping 开平 and Foshan 佛山

Day 6 was our last day in Jiangmen city and time to bid goodbye to the Liang family 😦


Wouldn’t be right to visit Guangzhou without dimsum for breakfast. We went to Gerry’s ‘local’ dimsum restaurant which was a convenient short walk away from his house. Their variety of dimsum was definitely more wide ranging that what we have in Perth.


Gerry ordered this dish for us thinking that it was 沙 翁 Sa Yong, as in chinese sugar puffs which were a favourite dessert from my childhood. These light and airy sugar puffs are somewhere between light cream puffs and sugary doughnuts, I haven’t had many in my lifetime which is a sad regret. But when I ate these ‘sa yong’, I was deeply disappointed and  didn’t quite know how to tell Gerry that they were different from the sa yongs of my childhood and more resembled heavy doughnuts. Then R had a bite and said ‘Donut leh‘. Hahaha. So they were actually doughnuts after all.


Our last stop at the Liang residence was a bit sad. We all took pictures in front of the house and Gerry’s mum gave us presents after presents, from boxes of egg noodles to fragrant tea leaves and even bananas 🙂


I will always remember the good times that we had at Gerry’s hometown. I hope we return again some time soon.


It was a few days to go before the Dumpling festival so Gerry’s mum gave us a bag of zhongzhi which lasted us for days.

Before we headed back to Hongkong, Gerry’s family wanted to show us some of the tourist sights in the area. Perhaps the most famous of all the tourist attractions were the Diaolous 碉樓 located in Kaiping city. What is a Diaolou? These multi-storeyed defensive village houses/towers were constructed in the Kaiping area from the early Qing Dynasty and were used as houses as well as defensive watchtowers for protection against bandits. Today, these Diaolous are listed as UNESCO world heritage sites.


The architecture of the Diaolous are a mixture of Western and Chinese fusion. Gerry’s uncle explained that they were built by the wealthy families who returned from overseas (North America, South Asia etc.) and were influenced by the Western architectural styles. This reflects Jiangmen’s reputation as the first hometown of overseas Chinese.


It was a miserable rainy day so we skipped most of the Diaolous and headed for one of the main Diaolou being Li Garden 立园. The main lobby before we enter the grounds. Anyone for a game of Aeroplane Chess?


Li Garden was a built by an overseas Chinese American, Mr. Xie Wei Li ( made his money in the chinese herbal business in America).


Mansions of the Li Garden estate.


Man made waterways and gardens around the estate.


For some reason part of Li Garden is being used as a photography set for wedding couples! R and I couldn’t resist taking photos at some of their ‘sets’.


Despite living in America, Mr Li kept thinking of his home country and eventually returned to China spending 10 million yuan building the Li Garden estate, starting in 1926 and finishing in 1936.


The furniture and furnishings in the Diaolous were a mixture of East and West.


I found everything a bit scary, maybe it was the downcast skies and rainy weather that  aided the gloomy feel of the dark rooms.


The bird cage!


My favourite part of the Li Garden tour, eating local Wu Yang brand  ice cream! This was honeydew flavour which was so refreshing, I loved their flavours including red bean, double skin milk and mango etc. I wish they sold Wu Yang here.


Stopping by Chikan town in Kaiping which now feels like a dead town with all the youngsters having left the town for the city. Still this town is well known for being the site where many movies and dramas are filmed.

JiangMenTV_Panorama (Medium)

Movies that were shot here include Ip Man, Drunken Master II and Let Bullets Fly.


Picturesque buildings.


Even though our butts were getting sore from all the car travel, we couldn’t resist stopping by Foshan, the home of the great martial art master Huang Fei Hong. Our main point of destination was  the Foshan 祖庙 (ancestral temple) which also housed the Yip Man and Huang Fei Hong memorial museums.


Yip Man, also known as Bruce Lee’s shifu.


Hehehehe. Martial arts geek. Enough said.


Stopping for a snack, this was mang gong yuen, as in blind man’s dumplings. Not bad.


My first time eating 蛋散 literally meaning egg shatters. This dim sum is made from a dough of eggs, flour, sugar and lard and is twisted, deep fried then drizzled with malt syrup.  Very crunchy and I can see why it’s a popular snack but it was a bit doughy and deep fried for me.


The best and most hospitable family in Jiangmen in front of ZuMiao. Thank you Gerry, 勤姐 and 强哥 for an extraordinary and most memorable trip in Jiangmen. We will be back.

2 Responses to “Day 6 Jiangmen江门, Kai Ping 开平 and Foshan 佛山”

  1. 1 slappedbygunk July 17, 2013 at 5:10 pm

    What is sa yung, how come I’ve never had before?

    Guangzhou looks nice.

  2. 2 daitaoha July 19, 2013 at 2:59 pm

    I don’t know whether you remember but you know when we were kids and we used to go to Jing Long? For dessert they had these fried puffs and sprinkled sugar (that was pink for some reason) for dessert and we used to love those.

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