Birthday dinner at Modo Mio

On Australia Day, instead of heading out and checking out the skyworks, I was having my early birthday dinner at the Italian restaurant, Modo Mio.

_DSC2313 (Medium)

I have to admit, Modo Mio wasn’t my first choice, I was hoping to go for a degustation at Restaurant Amuse but it was so heavily booked that the next available date was in March! Still, I was pretty happy that we were going to Modo Mio, also on my must-try list.


The setting in Modo Mio was lovely and  inviting. The seats, lighting, interior design etc. was warm and cozy.

_DSC2294 (Medium)

One of the better garlic breads I’ve had with lots of fresh garlic and rosemary.

_DSC2299 (Medium)

Our starter to share, roasted veal in tuna and caper sauce, crispy celery salad and quail egg. I usually hate celery but this celery salad was very refreshing and light and went wonderfully well with the tender veal slices and morish tuna and caper sauce. That sauce was especially yummy and we lapped it all up. We were very pleased with the first course.

_DSC2303 (Medium)

My main was  tagliatelle with smoked duck breast, broadbean, asparagus and cream. This was probably my least favourite dish of the night. The duck breast was tender and flavourful, broad beans and asparagus were all well cooked, but the sauce was just too creamy and rich for my liking. The tagliatelle was also a bit too al dente for my liking.

_DSC2305 (Medium)

R’s main of black ink fettuccine, scallops, squid, snow peas, white wine, garlic and chilli was a first for us in terms of trying black ink pasta. And due to this dish, we will probably be ordering lots more of black ink pastas in the future. The black ink infused fettucine had just the right bite in terms of texture and had subtle seafood flavours throughout. The sauce was yums and the seafood (especially crab meat) combination in the pasta was just delicious.

_DSC2312 (Medium)

What else but tiramisu for dessert? Our family is partial towards tiramisu from Ciao Italia and this was quite different from Ciao’s version. But, it was very nice too, especially the shortbread fingers which were so light with a slight chewy texture.

_DSC2310 (Medium)

All the restaurants in Crown are having a birthday deal where all diners who celebrate their birthdays at their restaurants receive a complimentary birthday cake (very rich chocolate mud cake) and glasses of bubbly :). I was a bit shy and tried to stop the waitress from singing the birthday song but she put on a sad face and the diners at the next table started singing along too (= ^ ^ =).

I enjoyed my pre birthday dinner at Modo Mio, it was a fun night, thanks R 🙂

So in a few hours, it will be my birthday. In a few days I will be flying home to Kuching where I will see my family, and get to play with little Kaka who shares my birthday, she is turning one whereas I’m turning into a fossil.  Happy birthday Kaka. Diana yee yee loves you very much and can’t wait to go swimming with you.

I’m feeling happy, lucky and contented with life. That’s as good as it gets right?

Modo Mido
Great Eastern Hwy
(08) 9362 7551


6 Responses to “Birthday dinner at Modo Mio”

  1. 1 sakuratrees January 30, 2013 at 5:21 pm

    Happy birthday to you and dearest kaka! Can’t believe kaka is already 1! I can still remember the day jan sent us her scans and how both of us started bawling our heads off! Haha! Anyway, hope you both have a great and memorable birthday today! I hope you earn lots of money then you can buy me and Tristan loads of stuff and maybe even hire me as your assistant! Hint hint! And I hope kaka grows up healthy and happy always!

  2. 3 slappedbygunk January 30, 2013 at 8:15 pm

    Happy birthday Di!! May your year ahead be filled with lots of joy and laughter and may great health, success and good luck accompany you always!

    Thank you both Jo and Di Yee Yees for your birthday wishes for Kaka! She couldn’t ask for two lovelier Yee Yees 🙂

  3. 5 ShirleyNeo January 31, 2013 at 2:25 pm

    Hi Diana,
    Happy birthday …just want u to know I have indeed often read ur blog.
    May your new year be blessed with happiness and lots of laughter.

    Love from Singapore

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