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Baby baby

Jo has been in labour all weekend and is now in hospital (o____O). This is both exciting but extremely nervewrecking at the same time. I’ve been jittery all afternoon since her waters broke . So far it has been nothing like the movies where everything seems to move really quickly , unfortunately, Jo and HC’s baby is snug as a bug and not willing to budge so far.

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It all seemed relatively quiet on Friday, Jo, R and I had even indulged in some Thursday night Christmas shopping and she was in good spirits. I cooked some ang chow chicken (with black fungus and mushrooms) with my homemade foochow wine and ang chow residue.  Jo really liked this dish so I will making this for her again during her confinement period.

carine christmas (Medium)

Then she started getting contractions and this continued all weekend. We were going to cancel the steamboat gathering (also belated birthday celebration for Gerry and Wendy and welcome party for HC’s mum) but Jo wanted it to go ahead so it was a quick and relaxing one. I’m not sure Jo enjoyed it much during the end, I will always remember huffing and puffing with her at the couch. Contractions are not fun at all and I have a newfound respect for all mothers.

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The papa-to-be cracking open a durian for Jo, it’s really weird that Jo has been craving durians especially since she never used to like durians at all when they were plentiful in Kuching! This very expensive frozen durian was unfortunately not good at all (-___-).

Sigh. I really want baby to be out and for the whole family to be safe, healthy and happy. Please. Please. Please. Please.

Just received message from HC, Jo is fully dilated now and baby is coming soon. I think my heart is about to stop. Please pray for my sister and her baby. Thank you.

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