Melbourne Cup: A day in the office

daitaoha emails group of colleagues:

Hi guys, I’ve agreed to help Colleague D organise the food for our Melbourne cup lunch. Since everyone is bringing a plate, please come by my desk and jot down what you’re going to bring so we can all see what others are bringing and thus avoid a repetition of cakes = fat.

Colleague J emails group:

I’ll bring a friend.

Colleague S emails group:

I’ll bring nachos with lots of FATTY cheese.


10 emails later, everyone is having fun adding their dish to the email chain. daitaoha thinks ‘why don’t these guys just reply to me instead of sending group emails!’

daitaoha notices that the big boss is on the group email list * face palm* 

daitaoha emails group minus big bos:

Err guys, if you’re going to ‘reply all’ can you please delete the big boss from the group list because for the past few minutes he’s been receiving these ‘important’ emails discussing Melbourne cup food!

(whole floor roars with laughter)

10 seconds later….

big boss emails group:

I’ll bring the work ethic. Get back to work! 🙂

(whole floor roars with laughter and pats me on my back)

(-______________-)”. Pai seh ah.


3 Responses to “Melbourne Cup: A day in the office”

  1. 1 slappedbygunk November 6, 2012 at 3:23 pm

    Haha so funny! Your big boss seems to be quite humorous leh.

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