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Long time No(vember) Blog

Blink and suddenly it’s November. Where has the time gone?!

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This picture feels like a long time ago when the temperature hit 35 degrees and it felt like the dreaded Perth summer was here. Jo and I were hating the heat and craving for anything cold. So we went to Taurus for a good ol’ ice kacang!

_DSC2007 (Medium)

This was Jo’s char keuy tiaw with see hum (clams). Taurus is one of those places that I wish I brought Jan and Andy to when they last visited us in Perth. Their Malaysian hawker fare (with Yeos teh bunga and A&W rootbeer in the fridge) never fails to make me feel as if I’m back in Malaysia. Except for their gigantic portion sizes.

_DSC2010 (Medium)

Taurus’s chicken rice isn’t fantastic, in fact, their chicken is more on the dry side, perhaps we should have asked for thigh meat instead.

_DSC2011 (Medium)

Combination three meat with fried rice. An old favourite but very filling.

_DSC2020 (Medium)

I’ve always wanted to try Etro on King Street (conveniently located near all the luxury stores haha) and since we had an errand to run in the area, we stopped by for Saturday brunch.

_DSC2024 (Medium)

Jo’s french toast with orange zest, strawberries and a side of bacon. She said it was pretty good.

_DSC2025 (Medium)

Eggs benedict, the eggs were nicely poached with the right runny center.

_DSC2026 (Medium)

Ham and cheese wrap, light breakfast snack. The coffee unfortunately wasn’t fantastic, but the cafe itself was light and bright and generally quite cosy. I’m not sure I would return because the food wasn’t wow, I probably would prefer Venn which is just nearby.

_DSC2027 (Medium)

Jo’s french toast was inspiration for my own home made french toast on Sunday. Nothing fancy like orange zest or strawberries though 🙂 Just plain french toast drizzled with honey.

_DSC2031 (Medium)

We attended an old uni mate’s wedding during the weekend. It was a lovely wedding and such a sweet couple. Meeting old uni friends was a bit weird and brought back lots of old memories from my uni days. Everyone felt older but somehow yet the same. I’m not sure I like feeling grown up at all.

_DSC2039 (Medium)

A new dish inspired by an episoder of Jamie Oliver’s 15 minute meals. This is pan fried five spice chicken with sweet chilli and coriander sauce. Apparently Jo’s hosting a housewarming dinner for Jaso and Gill next weekend and I’m cooking? What should I cook, any suggestions?

Another weekend bites the dust.


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