Day 13,14 & 15 London: Chinatown and Mamma Mia!

It’s our last day in London today. (T__T). Jo and I will be flying out of London first thing tomorrow morning. SIGH. Never mind, let’s relieve happy memories of the past few days.

Day 13 was one of our best days yet. It was the day of Mamma Mia! Again, it was an all girls sisterly outing, we all dressed up in our finest (haha, not really lah but we did dress up a little) for our day out to the theatre.

day 12 1

Before our musical, we stopped by Chinatown (located at the West End) for lunch.

day 12 2

Asian bakeries are the best. Sometimes when one has had too much tiramisu and cheesecakes, it’s nice to have chinese yew char kuai and polo buns.

day 12 3

We thought about having dimsum but decided on roast bbq meats at the cha chaang teng HK Diner instead.

day 12 7

Jo’s roast duck noodles. The noodles were springy and delish.

day 12 8

Jan’s Sam Siu Lou Meen a.k.a. three roast meats (char siew, roast pork and roast duck) with noodles.The char siew was really nice.
day 12 5
After lunch, we had a stroll around Covent Garden, a popular shopping and tourist district

day 12 4

The Covent Garden outdoor market was buzzing.

day 12 6

If we had more time I would probably have liked to peruse the food stalls, but it was time for some singing and dancing!

day 12 9
Mamma Mia was showing at the Novello Theatre which opened back in 1905 and actually survived bombings from both world wars.

day 12 13

Tickets to Mamma Mia! Our super generous and kind brother-in-law bought us these tickets even though he didn’t go himself.Thanks Andy! We had fantastic seats near to the stage and right in the middle.

day 12 12

Making our way to our seats.

day 12 14

Inside the Novello theatre which was beautiful. I love English buildings because they keep reminding me of my storybooks, this felt like something from Julia Quinn novels and I could imagine dukes and duchesses in the stalls.

The lights dimmed and the musical started. It was such a fun and joyful musical, we were probably the younger ones (apart from the kids with their parents) amongst the crowd and it was fantastic seeing how much the older folk enjoyed Abba’s timeless music , dancing and singing along with the cast. The cast was very good with wonderful performances. We especially liked the actress acting as Donna Sheridan, her tunes brought my sister to tears.

The ending of the musical was the highlight of the show with the audience jumping to their feet, clapping and dancing along to the classic tunes of Dancing Queen etc. At one point, I looked away from the stage and turned to see both my sisters clapping, singing and dancing merrily, and I thought to myself ‘this is so good’. It was extra special because we were sharing this experience together.

day 13 3

There were no photos from Day 14 because everyone was tired out (and feeling a bit sad because the holiday was almost over) so we just lounged about at home.

We perked up on Day 15. Incidentally it was my mother’s birthday so we had some morning Skyping with my ah ma and ah pa to wish her happy birthday.  They got to see Kaka show off her new bye-bye hand waving skills.

We then set off  to Croydon to pick up some online shopping from Marks and Spencers (love Marks and Sparks haha). Another try at London coffee from the Camden coffee house. It was alright.

day 13 1

Surprisingly, the best coffee I had in London was this Caramel Latte that Andy the Barista made for me at home. Haha, I shouldn’t even have bothered with Starbucks or Costa coffee.

day 13 2

Kaka picture of the day: Enjoying story reading time with her ‘pappa’ Andy. Kaka really loves her books and being read to. I bought her lots of new books today so she will have lots of new stories. I shall miss reading to baby (T__T).

And that’s the end of our last full day in London. Sigh, it has been a wonderful trip.


2 Responses to “Day 13,14 & 15 London: Chinatown and Mamma Mia!”

  1. 1 chowa September 23, 2012 at 4:52 pm

    Hi Di and Jo, thanks so much for visiting us for two weeks! It was really fun and you were both such lovely company. You both made it feel like we were the ones on holiday! Goodbyes are never nice, but we will all see each other again soon, until then, take care of yourselves okay? We miss you both loads already. Andy.

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