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In Between Winter and Spring

Yesterday my mother whatapped me ‘lu zhu mik boh update blog?’ translation ‘why haven’t you been updating your blog?’ (= ^ ^ =). It’s nice to know that my family members are my most loyal (and probably only) readers and I guess I’ve really been neglecting my blog lately.

In my defence, I’ve had the most challenging and longest working hours for the past couple of weeks. But hopefully it’s all over now and everything can go back to normal.
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Besides the fact that my new working area doesn’t boast an abundance of good coffee spots, I haven’t had the time to step out of the office to buy coffee. So for the past few weeks, I’ve actually been going without my daily cuppa, and to be honest, it wasn’t too bad. in fact, going without has made me appreciate my weekend coffees even more,  HC and I have been indulging in Antz in Ya Pantz takeaway lattes for the past two Saturdays, Jo always laughs at us whenever HC and I take our first sips and go ‘Aaaaaahhhhh’ in pleasure.

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Our weekend shopping trips have also taken a different turn. No longer frequent patrons of the city and Harbourtown for cheap bargains, we’ve been going to baby shops to check out baby stuff. It’s a bit daunting when you realise how many pregnant ladies are in Perth, and they’re all gathered in the same place, Babies R Us. We’ve been checking out prams, cots, seriously baby overload. If you told me a year ago I would be gushing at pretty pink shoes and perusing mothercare catalogues I would probably laugh out loud in disbelief.

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But yes it’s true, I’ve gone over to the baby side. No prizes for guessing Jo’s baby’s gender! I get one of each now 🙂 Hehe I’m a  happy aunty daitaoha.


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