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Mum Dumpling House @ Victoria Park

The flu season has been horrendous this year. Unfortunately we’ve succumbed to the superbug which means that we’ve spent the past weekend being holed up at home. Sigh.
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Luckily the week wasn’t a total washout with dinner at Mum Dumpling House, a relatively new opening along the Victoria Park/Albany Highway cafe strip. This is the best time to be living in this neighbourhood because the whole strip is thriving with new restaurants and cafes popping up all over.
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It was early in the evening when we stopped by for dinner but already a few tables were filled. The restaurant itself is small, neat and clean which was a nice change from the many greasy Chinese restaurants around Perth. We ordered a Niu Nan (Beef brisket)noodles ($11 or $12) to share. The broth itself was light and fragrant in flavour and would probably taste better with a pinch more salt, but I liked it as it was. The beef brisket was tender and the noodles were springy.
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Can’t go to a dumpling house without ordering dumplings. We ordered a serve (12 dumplings $11) of pork and chives dumplings and a serve of pickles and pork dumplings ($11) to share. I’ve never had authentic dumplings before so have nothing for comparison. In my mind I was imagining them to taste like the xiao long baos from the famous DinTaiFung which are wrapped in delicate skins and filled with juicy tasty pork.

The dumplings from Mum Dumpling House were very different, the dumpling skins were a lot thicker and doughy, definitly not thin and slippery like those from DinTaiFung but I think I’m comparing apples with oranges. I did enjoy the dumplings though, especially the pork and chives dumplings dipped in vinegar. I could imagine downing many of these washed down with hot Chinese tea.

The service was good and the surroundings were pleasant and cosy. Overall, this is a nice new addition to Victoria Park and I will be returning to try the other dumplings and items on their menu.

Mom Dumpling House
687 Albany Hwy Map
East Victoria Park, WA 6101
P: (08) 9470 2088
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Braised honey, soy and pepper chicken for dinner tonight. Hopefully the bugs go away, I’m looking forward to a real weekend soon.


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