WA Day long weekend and R’s birthday

We have to wait till October for the next long weekend (T________T). I really do think that the WA government should spread out the public holidays a bit better throughout the year, a grey, gloomy and extra wet winter is bad enough without having any public holidays to look forward too. SIGH.

Anyway, here are some pictures from the WA Day long weekend which also happened to be R’s birthday, such good timing.

_DSC1425 (Medium)
I did quite a bit of cooking over the weekend, these were my mini vegetarian pohpiahs.
_DSC1506 (Medium)

Sio baos for my farewell morning tea at work. My colleagues liked them but the pregnant Jo loved them. I even had to ‘dapao’ some from my morning tea to take home for her even though I had packed her half a dozen a few days earlier.

_DSC1438 (Medium)

Hippo Creek Meat and Wine was R’s birthday dinner venue. Actually we had many birthday meals throughout the weekend. Any reason for a feast 🙂

_DSC1439 (Medium)

This is called the Lion’s Kill. Can you guess why? Under the slab of bbq ribs was 350 gm of Black Angus sirloin steak. The restaurant was loud and festive, not a romantic place for two but great for a crowd of friends. The food was pretty good too.

_DSC1456 (Medium)

Long weekends aren’t complete without Freo outings. I don’t think we predicted that we would be heading back so soon when Shirley and her friends came to town!

_DSC1471 (Medium)

For HC, a long weekend means fishing solitude by the Sardine jetty. Well, not really solitude since we were all there being pests and generally doing everything but fishing.

_DSC1473 (Medium)

It was a beautiful day, a complete contrast from the crappy weather that we’ve been facing for the past couple of weeks.

_DSC1487 (Medium)

Can’t end a birthday post without a picture of the birthday boy with his birthday cake. It was a good birthday and a nice long weekend.

2 Responses to “WA Day long weekend and R’s birthday”

  1. 1 slappedbygunk June 20, 2012 at 8:27 pm

    Wow your sio bao look like the real deal!! And pohpiah too! I want!!!

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