Bangkok Day 9: The Grand Palace & the Leaping Lord

Day 9 was our last full day in Bangkok. I remember it being very hot and all about the Grand Palace.
_DSC1068 (Medium)

Back on the Chao Phraya river enjoying the sights and the river breeze.

_DSC1070 (Medium)

This was our second attempt at visiting the Grand Palace. Remember to get off at the Maharaj Pier.

Beware of scammers who pretend to be ‘tourist police’ and tell you that the Palace is closed for the day or only open on certain hours for Thai locals. They will steer you towards tut-tuts who will ‘bring’ you to other temples/jewellery factory nearby for a fee. If in doubt, head towards the official tourist information booth for information.

_DSC1086 (Medium)

A strict dress code applies to enter the Grand Palace. Men must wear long pants and shirts with sleeves (no ribbed jeans and sleeveless Ts here). No flip flops or sandals are allowed. Women must be modestly dressed, no low cut or bare midriffs, to be safe, just wear a T-shirt (not sleeveless) and long skirt or pants.

For those that aren’t dressed correctly, you can ‘borrow’ clothes at the entrance (a deposit IS required) but the wait is long so it’s best to just come dressed properly. Btw, there are also signs prohibiting cameras but that was mostly ignored by all tourists.

Outside the Palace you can hire a guide (they speak many languages) for a price which is negotiable. I think we were quoted a 500 baht price but preferred to wander around on our own. In hindsight, it was probably a good idea to get a guide to learn more about the history and folklore of the Grand Palace.

_DSC1106 (Medium)

The Grand Palace is made up of many buildings including temples, great halls and courtyards. It’s majestic and surprisingly cooling inside the shaded halls.

_DSC1092 (Medium)

R outside the Temple of the Emerald Buddha dripping some blessed water on himself. Don’t know whether we got luckier after that.

_DSC1097 (Medium)

Thai architecture is pretty amazing and itricate.

_DSC1110 (Medium)

Splendor of the Thai kings in ancient times

_DSC1109 (Medium)

This was actually a carved up stone miniature of the temples.

_DSC1131 (Medium)

It looks quiet but there were actually masses of tourists everywhere. It could be that everyone was hiding in the shaded courtyards though because it was so freaking sunny and hot that day.

_DSC1124 (Medium)

I have to confess, I coerced the Leaping Lord into taking this photo.

_DSC1119 (Medium)

And this one too (=^____^=). Oh how high he jumps.

_DSC1129 (Medium)

A painting depicting the myth of the demon warriors and how they end up guarding the gates of the Grand Palace.

_DSC1136 (Medium)

The Phra Thinang Chakri Maha Prasat which is the throne hall used by the King during important state occasions.

  _DSC1139 (Medium)

The Leaping Lord strikes again! Haha, that was our last picture at the Grand Palace, our most touristy destination yet and possibly the best. I really enjoyed the sights and buildings of the Grand Palace, it’s most definitely worth a visit and possibly the best tourist attraction in Bangkok.

_DSC1158 (Medium)

Back to the hotel for a much needed shower and then maybe a icy dessert or two? This coconut milk water chestnut icy dessert was lovely.

_DSC1156 (Medium)

Fishball noodle soup for lunch, as usual, this Thai dish was flavourful and tasty.

_DSC1165 (Medium)

For the past two days we had been noticing lots of stage building activities around the shopping area. All the locals were also getting excited and scarily, the shops were starting to sport a lot of water guns and other water paraphernalia. Songkran was arriving.

_DSC1160 (Medium)

Locals were ‘bathing’ buddha images a lot and shrines were filled with flower wreaths and rose petal water.

_DSC1162 (Medium)

Elephant statues surrounded shrines and on Day 9, the elephants were covered with flower wreaths. Touts sold roses by the roadside and soon the shrines were lined with rose stalks.

_DSC1170 (Medium)

I know the local Thais were looking forward to the Songkran festival partly because it would be great to beat the heat with water festivities. For us non locals, we could only cool down with more Swensens sundaes.

_DSC1171 (Medium)

Luckily Swensens outlets are readily available everywhere and their local mango themed sundaes were so yummy. Sigh, I miss this.

_DSC1182 (Medium)

Day 9 supper of roadside stall Pad Thai and more oyster omelette, perhaps the ultimate Thai combination?

_DSC1180 (Medium)

Can’t end a Bangkok post without the Leaping Lord posing with his Singha beer 🙂


4 Responses to “Bangkok Day 9: The Grand Palace & the Leaping Lord”

  1. 1 slappedbygunk June 10, 2012 at 4:49 pm

    Back to reading blogs lor now that Ah Ma they all have left, sigh.

  2. 3 rita June 11, 2012 at 6:59 pm

    i knew i shouldn’t be reading your blog… it’s making me so hungry and i just had dinner 🙂

    glad to hear that you guys are having a fantastic time in bangkok.

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