Bangkok Day 4 & 5: Chatuchak weekend market, Yaowarat

Our original destination for Day 4 was Chatuchak weekend market. But … when we stepped out of the house, we heard the bellboy tell other hotel guests that Chatuchak wasn’t open on Friday (I think it actually is but not all the stalls are open, so definitely better to go on Sat/Sun). So… we headed to Platinum AGAIN (= ^ ^=)
_DSC0965 (Medium)

Day 4 was also spent examining roadside stall fare around the Pratunam area.

_DSC0942 (Medium)

Breakfast of  roast duck and rice.

_DSC0943 (Medium)

Blended pineapple juice. This was quite refreshing and tart but I had a much nicer blended watermelon juice earlier.

_DSC0951 (Medium)

This roadside snack was a mixture between cheung fun rice noodle rolls and pohpiah, it was a nice ‘dimsum’ for the afternoon.

_DSC0948 (Medium)

One of my favourite things about Thailand was the abundance of tropical fruit sold everywhere. These green mango slices were very tart, dipped in the mixture of salt, chilli pepper, sugar and lime juice, I enjoyed them a lot.

_DSC0957 (Medium)

We had been eyeing the seafood stalls along Central World for the past few nights and decided to indulge in a roadside seafood dinner that night. Can you figure out what the picture above was? It was actually a whole bbq fish. The salt crusted fish was lovely especially when eaten with their super spicy sauce.

_DSC0959 (Medium)

The famous Thai som tam,green papaya salad. I love Thai papaya salads, I love the crunch of green papaya, the sweet, salty, tart and spicy flavours but I have to admit, som tam is just a little too spicy for me and I found myself drinking huge quantities of Coke.

_DSC0963 (Medium)

The seafood fried rice wasn’t fantastic with the rice being a little soggy, but it went well with all our other dishes and helped to tame down the spiciness.

_DSC0956 (Medium)

Guess what else helps to tame down the heat? A big bottle of Chang beer!

_DSC0973 (Medium)

Day 5, we took the Skytrain to Mochit station which is about a 5 minutes walk away from Chatuchak!

_DSC0975 (Medium)

Bangkok’s mass transit system (BTS) is super convenient. The train stations and the trains themselves are clean, efficient and the aircon is super.

_DSC0993 (Medium)

Chatuchak is one of the world’s largest weekend market and a must visit in Bangkok. This gigiantic market is 35 acres wide, spilt into 27 sections (roughly divided between categories of goods sold) and sells everything and anything.  It is almost impossible to navigate so you should definitely grab a map (there’s a tourist booth at Platinum which gives out good maps) which should help.

_DSC0980 (Medium)

Furniture and home decoration section. There were lots of pretty things in this section ranging from huge crystal chandeliers to little candles and straw baskets.

_DSC0982 (Medium)

Pets section! I spent quite some time staring at the super duper cute bunnies. They were so tiny and cute. I wanted to bring them all home. I was partial to this little grey bunny.

_DSC0983 (Medium)

Fluffy white rabbits. There were also very beautiful and cute puppies and dogs. All kinds of pets imaginable. I could imagine Wendy spending hours in this section.

At first I enjoyed checking out all the cute pets. Then it got a little scary when we reached the ‘exotic’ pets section, little squirrel like things squeaked from cages, there were monitor lizards and many animals that I had never seen before. The fish section had buckets of worms (presumably for the fish?) wriggling about and I was worried that I would accidentally step on the bags of fish lined up on the floors. It started to feel like we were never getting out of the animal zone.

_DSC0979 (Medium)

Yeah! Made it out to the clothing and accessories zone. To be honest, I didn’t buy any clothes from Chatuchak because the prices and fashion at Platinum are actually better!

_DSC0987 (Medium)

After all that walking around, we were tired and ready for a meal. This pork leg rice was the best we had in Bangkok! The nice lady stall owner even came over to our table to point out the chilli sauce that she gave thumbs up for to go with the rice.

_DSC0989 (Medium)

Pots of thai basil can be found at many road side tables. I guess the locals like to add the fragrant herb in their dishes.

_DSC0978 (Medium)

The outer edges of Chatuchak. It was time to go home!

_DSC1001 (Medium)

But we didn’t stay in the hotel for long and took a taxi to Yaowarat, Bangkok’s Chinatown. The easiest way to get into Chinatown is actually by taking a boat ride along Chao Phraya river and stopping at the Ratchawong pier.

_DSC1000 (Medium)

I remember Chinatown being very hot and dusty with lots of traffic, many restaurants and gold shops . There were markets between alleys selling items such as household goods, fabrics and accessories.

I wasn’t impressed with daytime Chinatown but I’m told that it’s better to go there at night, so maybe next time?
At night, we took the BTS (Sala Daeng station) to Silom, Bangkok’s Wall Street by day, red light district by night. Silom’s or rather Patpong’s  XXX reputation was evident once we  stepped out from the station.  We were immediately greeted by touts selling pornographic dvds, I don’t know what you do when dvd covers featuring giant boobs are flashed in your face but I laughed. It was quite fun checking out roadstalls selling interesting items including sextoys, Viagra and Valium (0__o). R was also approached by seedy men (they acted as if I was invisible!) with calls for ‘pussy pingpong’ shows (=^^=)._DSC1011 (Medium)

But instead of go-go bars, we settled for an air conditioned restaurant (had enough of the heat for the day) which surprisingly served yummy Thai fare. This was pineapple rice, it’s actually quite similar to the one I make at home, except of course a lot tastier haha.

_DSC1008 (Medium)

R had kueh chap again. He liked this one a lot too.

_DSC1007 (Medium)

While he opted for a Singha beer, I had my first Thai ice coffee in Bangkok, it was the first of many to come because Thai ice coffees are delicious, strong black coffee heavily sweetened condensed milk and topped with oodles of ice.

We spent the rest of the night checking out the Patpong night market which sold the usual leather goods, accessories and clothing amongst other things. I actually liked Patpong night market a lot and found it easy to walk through.

_DSC1015 (Medium)

Passing by the luxury shopping center Gaysorn (in Pratunam) on our walk back to the hotel.

_DSC1020 (Medium)

Supper of layer kuih bought from a roadside store. It was sticky, fragrant with pandan and coconut milk flavours and perfect for a sweet end to the day.

_DSC1017 (Medium)

We also stocked up the fridge!

4 Responses to “Bangkok Day 4 & 5: Chatuchak weekend market, Yaowarat”

  1. 1 slappedbygunk May 1, 2012 at 9:30 pm

    i love som tam! i ate it everyday until i had this huge sorethroat, then i had to stop and had to eat noodle soup. sian.

    oh we took the boat to chinatown. didn’t like it there though.

    so cute the rabbit!

  2. 3 Ah Ma May 2, 2012 at 3:56 am

    Aunty Maew makes very nice som tam. She puts hay bee in it and she does a less spicy version for Ariel.

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