Jo and HC’s birthday weekend

It was Jo and HC’s birthday last Sunday but her birthday celebrations started early with Saturday breakfast at Shots on Lake.

_DSC1230 (Medium)

Shots on Lake is one of the newer cafes popping up all over Northbridge. I’m liking the coffee culture in Northbridge and Shots on Lake is a great new addition.

_DSC1232 (Medium)

They use Five Senses coffee beans in Shots on Lake, the latte had pretty patterns and I enjoyed my coffee but HC’s latte was a little burnt.

_DSC1233 (Medium)

This was their version of big breakfast, the portions here are quite generous and the prices are very affordable. I can’t remember the price of this though ūüė¶

_DSC1234 (Medium)

This scrambled eggs with bacon ($12.90) was very nice, the eggs were nicely done, fluffy and soft. I would easily return to Shots on Lake again, the location is lovely and the service very good too.

_DSC1238 (Medium)

Saturday night birthday¬†dinner at Ciao Italia!! We were very excited about this dinner because it’s been quite a long time since we’ve been back to our favourite Italian restaurant in South Perth. The dinner crowd here is crazy, so we were there super early at 5pm. But there were already lines (o__o)! luckily we were able to get a table. Woo hoo for yummy Italian fare.

This was HC’s all time favourite Italian meat dish, scallopine marsala.

_DSC1239 (Medium)

Spaghetti carbonara. There was this young Italian guy eating alone next to us, he must have been very hungry because¬†when this dish came out he said ‘Wooah’.

_DSC1242 (Medium)

Chilli mussels. I don’t think Ciao Italia’s chilli mussels are as tasty as they used to be, maybe less garlic and parsley in the sauce, but the mussels were big and juicy so that made up for the sauce.

_DSC1240 (Medium)

Jo’s all time favourite Risotto Marinara, this was really yummy, filled with seafood flavour as always. This is probably my favourite dish in Ciao Italia and a must order.

_DSC1243 (Medium)

Ciao Italia’s famous tiramisu. The young Italian guy was lapping up the cream spoonful by spoonful, Wendy couldn’t resist asking him whether it was any good. He gave it a thumbs up and said we would get tiramisu this good in Italy and it was a close second to his aunt’s Tiramisu.

_DSC1248 (Medium)

Sunday night, yet another birthday dinner only this time it was just the four of us. Guess what was on the menu? Jo’s favourite CRAB! This crab birthday dinner¬†idea has actually been in the works for err 5 years? Every year Jo the¬†crab queen¬†would say ‘ I want to have crabs for my birthday’. We would rock up to a Chinese restaurant and ask for the price of crabs, then Jo would go (O__o) ‘What?! So expensive! Don’t want to eat crabs anymore! Let’s just eat prawns’. So poorly. So this year we really had crabs! It was Singapore chilli crabs too.

_DSC1247 (Medium)

Fried mantou to mop up the crab chili sauce.

_DSC1249 (Medium)

Snow crab demolished by all!

_DSC1256 (Medium)

Dessert after dinner was Jo and HC’s blueberry fruit¬†cake.

_DSC1260 (Medium)

All lit up and ready for the birthday song Y(^__^)Y.

jo hc bday (Medium)

The best part of all birthdays, birthday wishes and birthday cake cutting time. Happy birthday Jo and HC, hope it was a memorable and fun one this year!

_DSC1269 (Medium)

Wanton Wednesdays. It was a public holiday today, a quiet day at home of doing housework and wrapping wantons. It only we had more holidays a year I would a lot happier!


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  1. 1 slappedbygunk April 26, 2012 at 7:23 pm

    Wow that was a lot of food. Ciao Italia’s stuff looks good!

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