Bangkok Day 2 & 3: Platinum & Siam Square

Day 2 in Bangkok was all about shopping, shopping and shopping in Platinum Fashion Mall.

_DSC0884 (Medium)

Our first breakfast at Platinum Fashion Mall’s food court, the start of many lovely meals in this place. It was nice and quiet in the morning unlike rush hour during lunch.

_DSC0885 (Medium)

Braised duck rice in Bangkok, the chilli sauce was super shiok, hints of sour tartness, kick of chilli, really lifted the whole dish. The duck itself was tender and juicy. Springrolls were a tasty snack afterwards.

_DSC0881 (Medium)

They have kueh chap in Thailand! It’s not dissimilar to Kueh Chap in Kuching, the intestines, pork meat and flat noodles are similar, they also give yummy pork blood cubes. The main difference, it’s much sweeter than Malaysian’s version and that’s something common in lots of Thai dishes, sweet flavours throughout.

_DSC0883 (Medium)

R really liked Thai kueh chap and this was one of his favourite dishes in Bangkok. Btw ah ma, if you’re reading this, I still need Aunty Jenny’s Kueh Chap recipe!

_DSC0890 (Medium)

Thai iced tea also known as cha yen in Thailand,this orange coloured tea has a strong tea taste and is sweet and milky 🙂

_DSC0891 (Medium)

After a very satisfying breakfast, it was time for shopping! We bought so much that we ended up having to go back to the hotel to drop off our shopping. Then we went back again for more! I love Platinum Fashion Mall so much (^_____^)

_DSC0886 (Medium)

Dinner at the food court. Sharksfin and birdsnest, the Chinese treasures are abundant and surprisingly affordable in Bangkok. In fact, you can pretty much see birdsnest and sharksfin sold in most food courts everywhere.

_DSC0888 (Medium)

Luxurius dinner of sharksfin soup with rice. This big claypot portion cost around 150 Baht (AUD$5), the sharksfin wasn’t of the best quality, but gosh, the soup was so flavourful and yummy. Too good.

That was a good end to Day 1.

_DSC0892 (Medium)

Day 2 started with a morning shopping run to Platinum (= ^__^=).

Then it was a tut tut drive to Siam Square, the shopping district in the Siam area of Bangkok, this is where all the popular and famous shoping centres such as Siam Discovery Center, MahBoonKrong (MBK Center) and Siam Paragon are located. It’s actually walkable from Pratunam to Siam, maybe a 20 – 30 minute walk, but under Bangkok’s relentless heat, we opted for a tut tut instead. You have to negotiate the price to get to your destination with the tut tut driver, I read in a pamphlet that the price should never be more than 200 Baht. A lot of tut tut drivers will tell you the same ‘traffic jam, bad hour’ excuse and quote you some high price, if you don’t like the price, just walk away.

Most taxi drivers (especially metered ones) are actually not more expensive than tut tuts, so it might be a better idea to get a taxi instead which at least has aircon (except some taxi drivers also refuse to switch on their meters and will instead quote you a high price). Another thing to watch out for tut tut drivers, they might lie to you and tell you that the destination that you’re going to is not open and will instead offer to bring you to gemstone factories, or other temples (they receive a commission for this). Remember to check with a proper tourist information outlet for opening hours of tourist attractions so you don’t get conned!

_DSC0902 (Medium)

MBK! This place has lots of shops and is very popular with Thai locals and tourists alike.

_DSC0907 (Medium)

Instead of shopping (I still preferred Platinum shopping) I had afternoon tea at Mister Donut. Coffee and donuts, surely the best combination.

_DSC0909 (Medium)

Traffic from Pratunam to Siam Square is chockers.

_DSC0910 (Medium)

Siam Square is very convenient in that there are walkways linking to each shopping center. The night markets and stalls lined up around this area are also pretty great. There’s also a myriad of local designer boutiques selling gorgeous fashion and shoes around this area.

_DSC0904 (Medium)

Tuts tuts lined up along Siam Square.

_DSC0916 (Medium)

Siam Paragon is one of the newer shopping centers in Bangkok, it’s really gorgeous with lots of luxury and high end shops and restaurants inside. Siam Ocean World is also located in here, it’s the biggest aquarium in South East Asia.

_DSC0915 (Medium)

Jim Thompson and Thai silk go hand to hand together.

_DSC0918 (Medium)

View of MBK at night. As you can see, the traffic never stops.

_DSC0920 (Medium)

Dinner at MBK’s food court. My favourite dish in Bangkok, pork leg rice! This combination of braised hard boiled egg, tender melt in your mouth pork leg, picked vegetables is yums.

_DSC0923 (Medium)

Oyster omelette. This version was better than the one we had at the road side stall, the oysters were big and fresh, really tasty.

_DSC0919 (Medium)

A mixture of fried and steamed chicken rice. This was the best chicken rice we had in Bangkok, the rice was oily and fragrant with all the good chickeny flavours. The chicken was tender and yummy.

_DSC0912 (Medium)

NaRaYa store in Central World, a very popular Thai brand of fabric handbags, the designs are cute and colourful and they’re actually very affordable too.
_DSC0936 (Medium)

After a heavy dinner, it was perhaps good that we decided not to catch a tut tut or taxi and walked back to the hotel. We could catch the night views of the shopping centers and browse the night market stalls at the same time. Central World at night looks prety good eh?

_DSC0939 (Medium)

Snacking back at the hotel. Basil and chilli flavoured chips, it was actually pretty good. I thought of my brother in law when I saw this fish snack, he loves dafah, but this Thai version is filled with white sesame in the middle. It was quite tasty, but I prefer the original version with no sesame seeds.

day 2

Hehe, the end of each Bangkok blogpost, Day 2 and Day 3 beers!

2 Responses to “Bangkok Day 2 & 3: Platinum & Siam Square”

  1. 1 slappedbygunk April 23, 2012 at 9:55 pm

    Wow the food looks so good! You’re making me want to go to Bangkok again!

    I love those nautical tops!

  2. 2 Jason April 24, 2012 at 4:20 pm

    You have done Thailand justice on this post! Glad you went to all the major shopping places! I remember eating at the food halls and the food quality was pretty good! I really want to go back to Thailand soon!

    P.s Have you read my email?

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