Singapore Day 2 & 3: Orchard & the Family reunion

I know I haven’t been blogging for a long time. To tell the truth, life is at a low slump now and I just didn’t feel like writing emo posts that I would gag at later. But I’m going on holiday soon, so hopefully things will turn for the better soon 🙂

Ok, back to happier times. Day 2 in fun Bugis.
_DSC0373 (Medium)

This is Bugis Street early in the morning minus the crowds.
_DSC0378 (Medium)

This time we ventured out of Bugis and we went to Orchard the shopping haven. It was Jo and HC’s first time at the ION shopping centre with pretty cool ceilings.
_DSC0400 (Medium)

We met up with my parents at Heeren for a Japanese buffet at Kiseki. Hehe, HC was nice enough to pose in front of the sumo mascot for me.


It was a fun shopping day but we were glad to get back to our favourite Albert food court for good local food. Snacks included ondeh-ondeh, popiah and pie tee.

_DSC0487 (Medium)

One of our must-eats in Singapore was Mos Burger. It took us a while to find the Mos burger outlet but it was worth it. There’s just something different about the Mos burger.

_DSC0486 (Medium)

This was our durian stall throughout the Singapore trip. My father made friends with the Uncle durian seller. His stall was just opposite the hotel. HC stopped by on our way back to the hotel to ask him whether there were any good durians that day for my father.

_DSC0466 (Medium)

Day 3 was just all about the family reunion. All the Singaporean relatives gathered at Uncle Richard’s place, some that Jo and I had never seen before. It was a very heartwarming event and I know my parents had a great time catching up with the old folks.

_DSC0475 (Medium)

Guess what I had for dinner?

2 Responses to “Singapore Day 2 & 3: Orchard & the Family reunion”

  1. 1 slappedbygunk March 25, 2012 at 7:47 pm

    Haha oh my god, was there anyone around when HC did the sumo pose? Was it very early in the morning?

    Was the pohpiah good?

    Which Mos burger did you all have? My fave is the spicy Mos burger.

    That black and white pic of Tua Lau Go with Ah Pa is really nice.

    • 2 daitaoha March 27, 2012 at 11:13 am

      It was in the afternoon but then it was very quiet haha. I think I had the Mos cheeseburger, I’m not sure whether it was the spicy one though.
      The pohpiah was not good at all, I don’t know whether it’s the one we had but it was very crunchy, I think fried garlic? Singapore pohpiah must be different from Malaysian ones.

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