Singapore Day 1 : I love Bugis Street

Yeah, another travel post! I like doing travel posts because it brings me back to the good ol’ holidays. Despite the long weekend, I really really need another holiday, sigh, if only holidays lasted forever.

_DSC0338 (Medium)

This is the entrance to Bugis Street. After the intense Kuching trip, it was nice that we could squeeze in a few leisurely days in Singapore before returning to Perth. The best part about this Singapore trip was not staying in Orchard (as we usually do), but staying in Bugis instead! I love Bugis especially Bugis Street and Albert Food Court, it was so nice being out of the tall shopping malls (but the crowds were still there) and eating lots of local food Y(^__^)Y.

_DSC0341 (Medium)

The sight and smell of durians hit you the moment you step into Bugis Street. Best of all, it’s the famous Mao Shang Wan durians. Hehe, my father’s eyes lit up when he saw this gorgeous scene that only a true local Malaysian/Singaporean durian lover would appreciate.

_DSC0340 (Medium)

Packs and packs of luscious yellow sweet, pungent durian flesh lined neatly in rows. Mao Shang Wan durians btw, are very expensive. My ah pa was contemplating whether to buy these from the vendor, but in the end, we found something better.

_DSC0342 (Medium)

Bugis Street with its maze of lanes and little stalls selling goods of all kinds. This was where Jo and I did most of our shopping for clothes and souvenirs.

_DSC0343 (Medium)

Couldn’t resist taking a photo of these Maneki Nekos. Don’t worry, Jo didn’t buy any.
_DSC0335 (Medium)

Our hotel was conveniently located a few streets away from Bugis Street and the wonderful Albert food court. Every morning we would walk past this building to get to the food court, doesn’t it look interesting? Can you guess what building it is?

_DSC0346 (Medium)

 Finally food pictures. My father’s must order in Singapore is fishball noodles. This one was only average and from the food court in Bugis Junction. We had much better fishball noodles the next day.

_DSC0349 (Medium)

If my father’s must order in Singapore is fishball noodles, mine is chicken rice! I love love love Singapore Hainan chicken rice. Sigh, I could eat this almost every day, ok, I lied, maybe not every day but every other day.

_DSC0360 (Medium)

Supper was the Singapore Hokkien noodles which is cooked with prawn broth for that lovely seafood flavour. My ah ma cooks Hokkien noodles really well actually.

_DSC0354 (Medium)

I love chwee kueh which is another must eat for me in Singapore. Sigh, I’m so greedy, I have so many must-eats in Singapore. So that was the end of Day 1 in Singapore. more next time!

4 Responses to “Singapore Day 1 : I love Bugis Street”

  1. 1 Cheng-er March 8, 2012 at 3:50 pm

    So sad, I didn’t come across any durian while I was in kuching.

  2. 3 slappedbygunk March 8, 2012 at 11:18 pm

    Is Bugis Street right next to Bugis MRT?

    What building is that in that pic?

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