Labour Day long weekend

Oh no, I’m blogging about the Labour Day long weekend which means the weekend is over (T_________T)!
_DSC0736 (Medium)
The long weekend started with brunch at Mille Cafe (1000, Beaufort Street Inglewood). It’s Mark’s little sister Cindy’s first year in Perth, we promised Mark that we would look out for her, so brought her out to try some Aussie breakfast. Unfortunately Mille Cafe’s coffee was burnt and bad, I couldn’t finish it. Sigh, and weekend coffees are usually the best too.

_DSC0739 (Medium)
This is my ‘Boston Beans’ which was baked beans with a poached egg in the middle with a toasty white bun ($12.50). The portion was huge and I couldn’t even finish half of it. Luckily Calvin was there to polish it off for me :). The beans tasted like normal baked beans, but the bun was nice and soft with a lovely crust.
_DSC0737 (Medium)

HC’s ‘Wake Up Call’ ($19.50) was gigantic and had a bit of everything including pork sausage, bacon, field mushroom, slow roasted tomato, herbed potato cake, fried eggs and toast.
_DSC0741 (Medium)
Jo’s salmon and toast with rocket, turkish bread, scrambled eggs, truffle oil ($14.50). She said the scrambled eggs were very nice.
_DSC0740 (Medium)
Cindy liked her oven baked eggs ($12.50 )which were baked with ham, cream, spinach, parmesan, mozzarella. She said they were very creamy and cheesy and filling.

The rest of the long weekend went by in a blur. There was a fishing/crabbing session, a dimsum and movie session. We even had an irish pub dinner at Fibber McGee’s with Wendy and Jason but I forgot to bring the camera *epic foodie fail*.
_DSC0751 (Medium)

Monday was spent grocery shopping, cooking and vegging out in front of the tv. A pot of Malaysian curry always does the trick.

_DSC0743 (Medium)

Diced tofu and minced pork dish.

_DSC0757 (Medium)

My attempt at Aunty Jenny’s signature prawn omelette dish. Not exactly perfect but I will keep practising. If only all these lovely aunties would keep teaching me their signature dishes I would feel so privileged and happy.

_DSC0759 (Medium)

Return of the kuih bingka. I baked a tray of these, half for R’s colleagues morning tea and the other half for our charity morning tea tomorrow. I hope they like it.

And that ends our Labour Day long weekend of 2012.

2 Responses to “Labour Day long weekend”

  1. 1 slappedbygunk March 5, 2012 at 5:45 pm

    Have you started practising your kueh chap or not? Have to practise ah!

    Out of all the breakfasts I think Jo’s looks the best! Yours looks the worst unfortunately hehe, I hate baked beans. It’s like my seaweed (do you get the reference?) hahaha.

    • 2 daitaoha March 8, 2012 at 1:49 pm

      i asked ah ma to get the exact ingredients from aunty jenny liaw. you’re right, my breakfast was probably the worst.

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