Kuching Day 13: Jo and HC’s Wedding Day

Before you continue reading, I must warn you that this is the mother of all Kuching posts and contains up to 50 pictures! So if you don’t want to suffer from picture overload, please stop right now. It took me all night to sift through 1500 photos (mostly taken by the professional photographers but some from my personal collection and taken by friends) but it was fun.

These photos brought me back to that balmy crazy day of close family and friends, laughter, joy and a lot of happiness, I hope you enjoy them 🙂


The big day fell on the 28 January 2012, sixth day of the Dragon Chinese New Year.


The girls in the house woke up bright and early for the makeup session. The photographers were even earlier than the makeup artist, there were 3 of them and it was just snap snap snap all day. But the real early birds of the house were actually my poor parents who rushed around everywhere, buying breakfast for everyone and making sure that everything was running smoothly.


 Jo’s jee muis/girlfriends of the day arrived. These girlfriends have been friends with Jo since her high school days. Everyone was very excited and whipped out their cameras/phones to take pictures of the bride.


 The covering of the veil by the parents. This went on for quite a long time because the photographers wanted to get it picture perfect. Obviously this lousy side angle photo was taken by me (^_^)Y.


The girlfriends and the bride! It was so nice that Gill could be there. She was the unofficial bridesmaid of the day and was such a great help to Jo. Tip for brides to be: make sure you appoint a lovely bridesmaid, they are very helpful and will assist you in everyway possible!


Why does my brother and Jaso look so nervous? Because they knew they were in for a torture session designed by the girls. For those who don’t know this Chinese custom, the groom is usually not allowed into the house to fetch the bride until jokes and games have been played on him and his hengdai/brothers by the bride’s girlfriends. I had been teasing the guys for days about my horror games, hence their slightly terrified facial expressions.


It is traditional custom for the male relative (usually the brother) to open the car door for the groom so as to ‘welcome him into the family’. We had to do this a couple of times because my brother kept opening the wrong door, haha. So blur, it’s obvious that we’re related.


The night before, Gill, Jo and I had designed ten challenges for the men. The first challenge was for the boys to play ‘pass the groom’ in diferent ways without his feet touching the ground.


The second challenge which I had pre warned the boys about was to dance ‘Gee’ a very popular Korean song by Girl Generation. Actually all the boys were supposed to do this dance routine as a group, but they cheated *hmph* and Calv had to step up and do a solo dance. It was hilarious though, I can’t wait to watch the video.


Suan Tian Ku La, meaning sweet, sour, bitter and spicy. The guys had to drink these four terrible concoctions of different tastes, it wasn’t too bad I think, I could have been more cruel. But I’m sure the guys will beg to differ.


It was actually really funny and I would have gone on with all 10 challenges but time was running out so…


we let the groom enter the house to fetch his bride.


This is when the groom presents the bride with her bouquet and they exchange rings.  6-7 years ago, a similar scene was enacted in this living room, only it was my eldest sister and my brother in law Andy!


The red umbrella is another chinese custom. I’m not sure what it’s for, but hey, at least it blocks out the sun!


The bride and groom and the groom entourage then left to go to the groom’s house for the tea ceremony.


HC’s immediate family, he is the eldest son in the family and has three brothers and a younger sister!


The groom’s hengdai/brothers were rewarded for their hard work with angpows.


Meanwhile, back at my house, the relatives were pouring in for the buffet lunch and upcoming tea ceremony for the bride’s family. Can you tell that Cheng and Gill were very tired? Coincidentally, HC’s hengdais were all in blue! Minus Cheng who insists on standing out in white.


Darren and I left the lunch halfway to go to HC’s house to ‘fetch’ my sister back home for a short visit. I know, chinese bridal customs are very finicky. We lft off fireworks when the bridal car came back home.


Yeah, the first food picture of the wedding (and possibly the last). We ordered catering from Ya Huang/Imperial Duck, I’m told the food was yummy and everyone enjoyed it.


A bit of light entertainment in the middle of lunch. Do you know who caught the bridal bouquet yet?


Once lunch was over, it was time for the tea ceremony where the bride and groom pay respect to their elders and receive lots of angpows hahaha. ($____$)


Group photo of the Singaporean relatives who flew in just for this occasion.


The Kuching relatives, a much bigger bunch and I’m not even sure that’s everyone. I hope my brother never reads my blog, he might kill me for posting his funny pose, what was he doing? Riding a motorbike?


After lunch we had a short break before heading to the wedding reception in the evening. Poor Jo and HC went straight to the hotel for their next makeup session. It’s really not easy being the bride of the day.


The swan ice sculpture that is typical of a Hilton wedding.


Wedding gifts for the guests were chopsticks, I much prefer them to the normal cake slices or chocolates.


The banquet hall was ready.


The beautiful wedding scroll ready for guests’ signatures.


The MCs for the night were also ready. Hehe, recognise a familiar face? Dear Jaso kindly agreed to be the English MC for Jo’s wedding, this was his first attempt MC-ing and he did really well. Tse Ling who is actually a professional DJ and events host was perfect as usual, she’s a close family friend or else we would never have gotten her for our humble affair.


The guests started streaming in and soon the banquet hall was packed. This signaled the start of the banquet and first up was the slideshow of Jo and HC. I really liked this slideshow, the photos were all really cute and memorable and I’m sure evoked a lot of warm memories for relatives that attended.


See, everyone was riveted by the slideshow!


The lights dim, the romantic music rolls, the bride and groom make their grand entrance.


Straight up on to the stage to cut the cake. Unfortunately this was a fake cake so we didn’t get to eat any 😦


Jo changed into an evening dress halfway through the dinner. Then it was time for the champagne pouring and toasting of the guests. It was actually quite funny listening to Aussie Jaso booming out the very Chinese and  traditional ‘YUMMMMMMMM SENG!’ through the microphone. He was very good and loud!


By this time we had already made our way through six courses of dinner! I didn’t get to eat any of the food because I was too busy eating lozenges to soothe my itchy throat. It was speechmaking time.


This is the view from the stage and how it feels like making a speech to 300 guests.


Jo’s girlfriends plus Alvin were all dolled up for the night. They were also our ushers during the wedding, thank you girls!


The band ‘The Young Once’ (hehe) were fantastic. They’re a very experienced and talented band with band members that are pioneers of the Sarawak music band scene. I couldn’t help humming and swaying to their catchy tunes all night and I noticed lots of guests were tapping their feet and singing along.


Yeah, it was reaching the end of the night, time for group photos with the wedding couple. This is the Perth bunch. It was so wonderful that everyone was together again and all in Kuching too.


Both families gathering outside the hall at the end of the banquet. The wedding banquet was over, everything went wondefully well, everyone was exhausted but very very happy.


This is what happens when everyone relaxes at the end of the night. Hahaha.


The boys who have been in my life since forever. I don’t think there will ever be a chance for us to be together like this again. Thank you for flying in and being there to witness Jo and HC’s special day. Thank you for all your help before and after the wedding . Thank you for always being there and for being such wondeful friends.


The wedding couple and my parents. I’m quite sure this wedding wouldn’t have been so memorable/wonderful without the support of my fantastic parents who are the best ah pa and ah ma ever.

 Congratulations Jo and HC! Thank you for letting me share your special day, I hope all your dreams come true (to strike lotto and pay off my mortgage haha) and your marriage is filled with lots of love and happiness.


8 Responses to “Kuching Day 13: Jo and HC’s Wedding Day”

  1. 1 slappedbygunk February 16, 2012 at 10:23 pm

    Wah looks like it was a fun day, so sad I couldn’t be there 😥

    For some reason Dar looks really handsome in all these pics, even the one where he was doing “cute cat” hands hahaha.

    • 2 daitaoha February 17, 2012 at 1:48 pm

      it’s true Darren looked really good in the photos, maybe he’s getting photogenic. He is pretending to be a zhao cai mao hahaha.

      • 3 slappedbygunk February 17, 2012 at 10:04 pm

        No lah, he only ever looks good if he’s not posing, if he is he looks like something out of Wallace and Gromit haha.

  2. 4 jo February 17, 2012 at 12:02 am

    Somehow my arms look really dark in the pic where ah pa and ah ma are covering my veil! I look like an Indian! hehe..

  3. 7 Wendy February 17, 2012 at 4:13 am

    Yeah, it was so precious big day for Jo & HC and whole family. May the love and happiness with their marriage all and all.

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