Kuching Day 11: Jaso & Gill’s arrival :)

Day 11 in Kuching signaled the end of the relaxing part of our holiday and when everything became hazy. It was also the day when our house guests flew in.

bak kut teh
You know Jaso’s in town when you see photos of bak kut teh on my blog 🙂

King of Bak Kut Teh Jaso Chan is now also known as the famous MC for Jo’s wedding. Hehe, check out his look of anticipation before the first sip of bak kut teh, is it similar to his happy face from his 2009 Kuching Bak kut teh experience? This bak kut teh was recommended by my brother and pretty good, it’s called Grandma’s bak kut teh and is located in Rock Road.

mani chai

They also do a mean mani chai, this was really yummy. I miss mani chai already (T____T).

cny and wedding1

After brnch, I brought Jaso to my father’s friends house to experience Chinese New Year visiting in Kuching. Hehe, he received his first Kuching angpow there. The cny visiting was actually a cooking class in disguise. My father’s friend Aunty Jenny is a fabulous cook and her husband was raving about her signature dish, prawn omelette/pancake (similar to oyster pancake or oh jien as we call it in Kuching). I was very interested so she generously invited me over to her house to learn how to make it!

prawn pancake

Aunty Jenny is a very good teacher and this prawn pancake was really yummy. It’s not as easy as it looks with flipping techniques and all, the texture is chewy, fragrant and it’s really tasty especially eaten fresh with lots of coriander, fish sauce and chilli. I am looking forward to recreating this in Perth. Apparently I’m the only person that she has taught outside of the family so I felt really privileged.

Aunty Jenny’s family is also the pioneer kueh chap makers in Kuching so I’m going to be trying that soon*looks at Jan* .

Earlier in the day Darren left us to go fishing with my cousins and he returned with this 1.5kg fish! Sigh, I miss my brother.

gil spring

After that we rushed off to the airport to pick up Gillian! We were so excited that she was finally in Kuching, we’ve been talking about this trip for years. Obviously we brought Gill to the must-go place in Kuching straight away, The Spring! hahaha.
yee cheng bro

Can you guess who this is? It’s Yee Cheng’s brother! Cheng was in the neighbourhood shopping (for pirated dvds I might add *tsk tsk*) with his siblings so he joined us for dinner at Spring’s food court. For some reason my father was very taken with his brother and found him very handsome, haha, must be the sparkling white teeth and tanned skin, so my ah pa insisted on having a photo with him. I think Cheng’s brother was quite embarrassed (=^^=).
chicken rice
Chicken rice for dinner! The chicken rice in Spring’s food court is actually not bad at all. My sister Jan likes it a lot and I couldn’t help thinking of her while eating this.
kolo me
This is obviously not authentic kolo mee with the added chicken chop, but it looked pretty tasty all the same. Coincidentally we met my uncle and cousins from Perth in the Spring, goes to show that Spring is really the IT place in Kuching.

Gosh reliving the holiday through this blog is pure torture, I miss the holidays so much now. If only I could go back and start all over again …


8 Responses to “Kuching Day 11: Jaso & Gill’s arrival :)”

  1. 1 Cheng-er February 8, 2012 at 4:33 pm

    Nice, my bro gets a special mention in your blog! It was interesting your dad was so taken by my bro. Btw, my bro might be more tan than me but I thought I had the whiter teeth. 😀

  2. 2 slappedbygunk February 8, 2012 at 10:53 pm

    Wow all the food looks so good, can’t wait till you come and cook for me!

    I miss Dar also.

    That was a funny pose Gil was doing?

    Yee Cheng’s brother doesn’t look like him at all! I would never have guessed!

    • 3 Cheng February 9, 2012 at 5:31 am

      I’d swear I’m the legitimate child here. :D..I blame it on the cold weather in Canada, hence a lighter complexion.

      • 4 daitaoha February 9, 2012 at 1:58 pm

        Eh Cheng, what is your brother’s name again? I keep forgetting!

        Jan, I think I caught Gill mid-pose so it came out a bit awkward. But she liked Spring a lot!

  3. 5 Cheng February 10, 2012 at 5:19 am

    My bro’s my is Yee Tze, very similar to your best friend’s name.

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