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Kuching Day 10: CNY Day 3

I know.. it’s a bit late to blog about the third day of Chinese New  Year considering Chap Goh Meh was yesterday. Chinese New Year is officially over. Which also signals the end of my holidays. SIGH. I only just finished unpacking today and am still suffering from post holiday blues. I have a feeling it’s going to take me a very long time to recover.

Day 3 of Chinese New Year went by in a blur. I still remember there was a dreamlike quality about it which sort of remained throughout the rest of the holiday. It was a very rainy day and most of us at home woke up sick!

Even Jo the bride-to-be was sick! It was terrible, my parents were really worried and this resulted in the above traditional remedies. Sad to say, this crazy bout of sickness persisted throughout the remaining holiday and no one was spared. By the end of the holiday, even our houseguests Jaso, Gill fell ill. Jo and I are still recovering from cough even though we’re back in Perth.

In order to get better before the wedding, we turned to the dark side and I had chinese cough medicine from my dreaded doctor of my youth (Wang Shi Hua), his horrible medicine used to cause me nightmares and 20 years later, it’s still horrible. It also didn’t work (T___T).
But happier things also happened on the 3rd day. It was my father’s birthday! His siblings decided to hold a ‘surprise’ party for him at our house (not much of a surprise since my mum told him about it *duh*). My mum was roped in to help my dad cut the cake, as you can tell from the pics, there was lots of laughter 🙂


The birthday feast! All the aunties cooked, my mum and I also contributed some dishes. Obviously, we all like cooking in the family. Can you guess which dishes are mine?

And that was Day 3! The next day Jaso arrived so there are more food photos. Jason is now in UK where he will be based for a year or so, sigh, I miss him already. It’s going to take a while for Perth to feel like home again.


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